Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey, my peeps! Hope you're all coasting through your Fridays and skidding into the weekend with a beer in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. I'm taking it easy today. My oldest son has no school so he's here in my office with me. He's being really good, so soon I'll reward him with lunch at McD's and an exciting trip through the automatic car wash. Don't say I don't spoil the kid!

I've got two quick funnies for you today and one video that I just thought was cool.

The first video is from my cool-as-shit friend Cheryl, who manages to be a scholar, a lawyer, a hot babe, and a wife and mother of two without being annoying in the slightest. That's a mean feat! She's also one of my oldest friends; she's been putting up with my shenanigans for over twenty years now. Yikes!

This is just another example of why I rarely relate to "mommy blogs" and feel like the only mom in the PTA who likes to drink and swear.

This made me LOL:

Finally, I just thought this was neat. Do yourself a favor and mute it though; the music is ultra-annoying!

You come and go... you come and gooo-ooo.

Gotta run. Have a happy weekend, my dears!


Salt said...

Hahaha the beards one is fantastic. My husband finally chopped off this terrible beard he was growing. He definitely would have had the right of way.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Wow...I actually know Moms like the one in the first video. Scary scary scary...

Frank Irwin said...

I'm working on my beard, but have a ways to go.

Kate said...

I am in a mom's playgroup and have heard this exact conversation. *Those* moms don't typically come to our "Mom's night out" nights where we drink copious amounts of alcohol and talk about how awful our kids are.

Cary said...

I was waiting for the lizard to start humping the glasses. I would -- they're Ray Bans, man. That's good shit.

Bev said...

Salt - Hurray for a clean, close shave!

Veg - Meeeeee tooooooo. And yes, it is scary.

Frank - I have faith that you'll be ready for Locks of Love by Christmas.

Kate - Ah, it's so good to have a group of like-minded moms who really "get" it.

Cary - The visual of you humping a pair of Ray Bans will haunt me. Thx for that. ;)

TS Hendrik said...

That chameleon video is awesome.

Rich Girl Red said...

The mom video was too real. I got kicked out of the local La Leche League (pronounced La Lickie) after my second kid because I drank and swore--while breastfeeding. They would have booted me with the first kid but I made outstanding hors d oeuvres. Hungry bitches.

That chameleon would have been challenged with my Ray Bans -- they're multicolored. It's okay, Cary, I humped the first pair I got. I think that's why the salesman gave me a discount.

Have a great weekend Bev! Mwah!

onebadmamajama said...

If you really wanna top the day off, after the carwash, take him to the pet store! I took my kids the other day and judging from their reactions, I'm not wasting any more money on the zoo lol.

Those moms were totally annoying. I've met women like them before. They think I'm the antichrist cause I let my kids play with dirt and climb trees and no longer breastfeed them even though they are seven and nine;)

Pearl said...

Love the beards!!


Heidi Renée said...

People really need to share the carwash excitement more often. It's like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in there!