Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toy Makers are Sickos

The other night we celebrated my youngest son's 3rd birthday. I was sick so mostly I just threw some presents and cake at him and then lay on the couch while they opened and played with the new swag, but it was still a joyous occasion. Let's face it - every birthday takes us one step further away from changing poopy diapers, so I'm all for it!

One present stood out from the rest, however, and I can't quite put my finger on why that is.
It's a Leap Frog product, so it's edumacational!

Hmmmm. Does anybody else think that this looks a little... um... inappropriate for a toddler? It's quite fancy, really; it lights up and offers word games and songs, and the head tip top is all nubby so it offers lots of sensory stimulation. Heh heh. Stimulation, indeed.

EW! Bad visuals! Stop, stop!

I've often thought that the people who dream up kids' toys are a little on the pervy side. Remember my post about Backdoor Elmo last year?

Who's making this crap, Hugh Hefner?

Anyway, the kid got lots of new toys, so I doubt he'll miss this one. What? Shut up! Gotta run!


Elliott said...

Hef has class. Larry Flynt? Now there's a children's toy maker nobody wants to market...

Sorry you were sick, I imagine a houseload of 3-year-olds doesn't help that.

middle child said...

My daughter has a Fisher Price bra. Yeah, it squeeks!

MJenks said...

Why is it that our posts seem to co-ordinate so well, my dearest Bev? Backdoor Elmo goes well with a little Jenks TMI Pie today.

calicobebop said...

Wow. Just, wow.

You know, I'm going to a two-year-old's birthday on Sunday. I do believe I've found the perfect gift!

Rich Girl Red said...

Now THAT's a gift that keeps on giving. I feel your pain, Bevers. I've spent more than one birthday "sofa-side." (Two of my kids have birthdays around Christmas--major sick time!)

Although I didn't take this picture, I did go to a party where this gift was given. Funny, all the little girls were playing with it. Hmmm.

Salt said... what way exactly?
WTF is wrong with people? They HAVE to know what that looks like.

Bev said...

Elliott - Yes, grubby little people, three-year-olds. At least my illness got me out of a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's!

Middle Child - NO WAY!!!!!

Jenks - We were separated at birth, for sure. Backdoor Elmo rules!

Calico - Do it, I dare ya!

RGR - HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is the best gift ever! I totally want one (for myself).

Salt - It was given to him by my spinster aunt.... 'Nuff said?

Mala said...

I would fake (or even catch it for real) the plague to get out of a trip to that hell! I HATE Chuck E. Cheese! HATE!

So how many speed settings does it have?

Mala said...

I swear, there was no stalker box to click. Now there is. So I'm back.

Kate said...

There's a Fisher Price bra??

Mike said...

You know there is some guy in some lab somewhere with a hangover saying to himself, "no one will notice that this looks like ..."

PorkStar said...

I swear I have nothing to do with this Bev. *Puts on rusty halo*

Mike129 said...


Fun for the whole family!


Where did you get that? Boys are us? Maxim used to have a section in their mag called "unintended porn". I think this fits that. Get it... fits. I'm out.

Heidi Renée said...

Oh my. They're starting so young these days.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I don't think that first one looks inappropriate at all. Would you kindly send it to me when he gets tired of it? I need to, um, re-educate myself.