Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Get Some Cultcha

Hey, all! I'm battling a nasty virus today, but didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you all. You know the Bev loves ya!

Since it's Wednesday and I'm counting the minutes until my next shot of Nyquil, I can go somewhat wordless. Here are some hilariously bad works of art from The Museum of Bad Art. Don't say I ain't artsy-fartsy!

Kids In the Hall fans will get this:  Mrs. Hurticure?

Like something out of the waiting room scene in Beetlejuice.
This reminds me of FOLOTD Lefty.
Mr. Hanky?
I guess it's better than riding out crabs.
This one is called "Sunday on the pot with George."  I can't top that.

"Disappointment," indeed.

Tons more at!
Have a great Hump day!


Samsmama said...

HA! Poor Lefty...that was my first thought, too. And now I'm singing the Christmas Poo song. Thanks for that.

You're such a trooper, posting while sick. I definitely feel the love. oxox

Mala said...

and people pay for that shit?! I'm in the wrong business.

Feel better!

Heidi Renée said...

Some of these aren't terrible in terms of execution, but the subject matter... what? How about a nice, wholesome landscape?

My mother treasures my elementary school Hanky-esque clay work. Sculptures only a mother could love, in my opinion.

MJenks said...

Wow. Without your capture I thought, "What the hell? Is that Mrs. Hurticure?"

MJenks said...



Where's the bleach?

Bev said...

Smama - Thanks! I do try to troop.

Mala - Feeling better already, thx!

Heidi - Check out the MOBA website for some truly terrible landscapes. Yes, you CAN mess those up, too!

Jenks - 957? Patient 957?

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Those are some freaky colors and shapes. That last picture is all too real.

MtnMama said...

Now really. "Sunday on the pot with George"? George better pull down those drawers, or the remainder of Sunday will be spent washing them. (and it won't be George doing it, IMO)

Aw... chicken soup and fleecy throws and Nancy Drews kind of thoughts going your way, darlin'. You ARE good at forging on!

Elliott said...

The Beetlejuice one reminds me of the Mexican restaurant where we lunch from time to time. The walls are covered with 3x4-foot portraits of women, and many of them are blue or green - all are misshapen.

Sunday on the pot with George. Love it. Not that I could be a bigger fan of Seurat, but I can try.

Bev said...

Rawkin' Robyn - Yeah, too real... on so many levels!

MtnMama - Thanks for the mothering. :) I feel better already.

Elliott - Are the paintings at that restaurant like that before or after you start drinking muchos margaritas? ;)

Elliott said...

Oh, would that I could drink at lunch...