Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Random Funnies

Just a few pics that I found on FunPics to (hopefully) make you smile.
Mmm, pie.

I'm so doing this.

Seriously.  Look at it.

I've gotta get me some o' dat.

Tell me about your Mother (should I trust the government?)

Happy Hump Day!


Samsmama said...

What is it about lobsters that is so damn funny? (And delicious!)

My friend's boyfriend posted a picture on FB of himself with a couple of 40 ouncers duct taped to his hands. Man, he's such a douche.

Madonna looks really good. For a 90 year old British woman.

Frank Irwin said...

That Photoshop ad is great. I once saw a website of some dude who does that for a living, and he had before and after pictures of the models he 'shopped. It was pretty amazing.

Brooklyn ML said...

I have a friend who photoshops for a living (it's a BOOMING business!). She showed me some before/after shots of celebrities and wouldn't you know, they look just like us! I mean, aside from their preternatural good looks, without photo retouching, they are as wrinkly, sun-damaged, spotty and saggy as the rest of us. I took immense pleasure in seeing those before photos.

Doc said...

I love that Motivational poster!!

Salt said...

I wish I could grow epic early 1900's facial hair like the guy in that lobster fist diagram. It would make it even more intimidating.

Mala said...

That's a whole lot of awesome-ness!

Mmmmmm lobster

Bev said...

Smama - Lobsters are inexplicably funny, I agree! M called them "spiders" last summer, which was funny but kind of creepy. I haven't looked at them the same way since...!

Frank - My friend Mark is really good with PS and he helped me lose 20 lbs in a pic one night. It was interesting to see how quickly & easily he manipulated the pics to make me look skinny.

Maeghan - that is awesome. I totally wanna see!!

Doc - Thanks, and welcome!

Salt - I agree, and the pointy Grandpa Munster hair and business suit rule too!

Mala - Thank ya, ma'am.

Stuart said...

Lobster Rage Fist would be a great name for a thrash-metal band. Or an extremely uncomfortable sexual maneuver.


Melissa said...

The Madonna one and the pie chart kick ass.

Molly's Mom said...

Love the Madonna one - so damn true!

Cary said...

Madonna -- ugh. What a beast.

Lobster Rage Fist -- I'm so there.

I heard that in the early days of Alcatraz, the prisoners nearly rioted in protest of being served lobster all the time, which was considered garbage food then.

Rich Girl Red said...

Pink Freud made me snort. (Yes, I'm a delicate flower.)

It would SO not do for me to get Photoshop. I would "youthenize" every single picture of myself that was taken after 1983.

Laurie said...

M loves his "Spiders"- hehe

LOVE Photoshop! Husband is expert user and soooooo grateful!


I like the freud poster. I'm envious of him.

tracey said...

Growing up with lobster fishermen & knowing what they eat, I could easily turn a weaker man off them forever. Which would be my evil goal so there would ultimately be more for me. Why am I fixated on the lobsters with all the other goodness in this post? Can you tell I'm trying to diet? Thanks to my lazy-ass thyroid I appear to have the metabolism of the 3 toed sloth or the fat lady in a side show, which I am on the fast track to becoming.
Anyhoo, post made me laugh - especially the Madonna ad. WIthout that photoshop, she's got a definite 'crypt keeper' vibe going on.

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

Such Great pics! I need some of that Photoshop cream, stat! If I look any older, I'll be able to crawl out of the boat on the Pirates of the Caribbean and no one will notice.