Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday: 1987

Ah, Friday!  I'm so glad to see you.  Despite only working three days this week I still felt like the week dragged!  Have you ever noticed that?  Short weeks seem even longer than regular ones?  Weird.

Anywho, I thought it would be fun to have a flashback today, since you know I love those.

The Year Is 1987.

I was 12 years old, had a bad haircut, wore bad clothes, and listened to bad music.  But hey, it was the 80's, yo; didn't we all?  Don't take my word for it - behold the photographic evidence!

I know I was awesome.  Don't be hatin'.
Let's see.  I was in 7th grade.  My favorite band was - surprise! - Duran Duran, but mostly because my sister liked them first.  This was about two years before I would enter my emo dark period when I wore all black every day, listened to The Cure, and wrote angst-filled letters to Sinead O'Connor and Seventeen magazine about how no one understood me.  True story.  At this age, I was still innocent enough to like posters of animals and episodes of You Can't Do That On Television.

Oh, Alasdair... how I hearted you.  You too, Alanis Morissette.
Every week my dad would take us to the video store to rent VHS tapes.  Some of my favorites that year were:

This was the year that I had a big sleep-over and the main event was a screening of the brand-new hit movie, Dirty Dancing, which had just hit Pay-Per-View.  All of my giggling girlfriends were beside themselves with excitement at the prospect of watching this movie. We were glued to the screen, oohing and ahing over Patrick Swayze, wishing we were Baby.

Since we lived in the boondocks of northern Vermont, my parents had a satellite dish - the big 12 foot diameter kind, not the cute little Direct TV ones.  Anyone who has ever had a satellite dish will tell you that they're temperamental bastards, and that night as we all waited with baited breath to see if Baby would complete the much-anticipated lift in the final dance scene, a gust of wind blew the satellite dish off kilter and the screen went to static.  There was a chorus of groans and one girl shed actual tears.

As a 12 year old, I was certain that I would be doomed to be a social outcast thanks to this enormous faux pas, but somehow I muddled through.

Always an avid reader, my favorite author in 1987 was Stephen King.  The scanned photo above can't be enlarged, but I would bet dollars to donuts that the paperback on my nightstand was one of his books.  I distinctly remember buying Misery in hardcover that year.

This was also back in the day when MTV played actual music videos, so I'm 100% certain that this was my favorite music video that year:

Good times.

That was my walk down memory lane. See that? Flashbacks CAN be fun.

What were you doing back then?


Liz Tee said...

I was 27, and had been married 8 years. My daughter was 4. Sigh...

Doc said...

I was busy trying to be a football player in high school and date all the cheerleaders...

Kate said...

Oh Em Gee. What was I doing back then? THE EXACT SAME THING! I was being Bev, but shorter and with blonde hair. Seriously.

James van Spronsen said...

Dang! You and your hoity-toity family with a dish! I lived for renting VHS tapes on the weekend! I watched D.C. Cab and American Ninja WAY too many times one weekend.

You gots me all nostalgical now!

I wore out my A-Ha cassette because that song was so wicked excellent.

And Some Kind of Wonderful was my movie for making junior high moves. I'd wait and wait for the kissing scene and then clumsily fumble my lips on that weeks date. Smoooooov.

Thanks for the mammaries.

tracey said...

Had the same bad hair cut & bad taste in music, but I was in college. SpectacuLAR post my friend, any 80's flashback is a great way to wrap up my week. : )

Melissa said...

I was heavily into Stephen King at that time too. Awesome. I only got halfway through Misery though. I don't remember why.

Thanks for the nostalgia. Have a great weekend, Bev!

Elliott said...

In '87 I was 16, and I remember Dirty Dancing playing at the $0.63 movie theater. My friend and I went thinking it would be a good place to pick up girls, but the heat was out in the theater so everyone was overly bundled.

We never had a satellite dish, or cable, or pay tv (when HBO and Cinemax each had their own special antennae for your rooftop), we just dealt with the staticky network channels.

And what's up with the poster of the sheep?

Bev said...

Liz - Wow, you got hitched young. I'm sure your daughter was as lovely then as she is now, too.

Doc - Check out the Big Man on Campus!

Kate - That's awesome! In that case, I have no doubt that you would have been invited to my slumber party.

James - Wow, you were smooth! No one ever tried to make out with me in Jr. high. :( I blame my strict parents and... well, you saw my hair.

Tracey - I'd love to see a pic of you in college in the 80's! Please tell me you had poofy bangs!

Melissa - I read all of his books right up until Gerald's Game, at which point I realized that I had outgrown him. I was 17.

Elliott - Who knows what's up with the sheep? I used to get the posters for free from the Scholastic book flyers because I bought so many paperbacks from them. All of them were cutesy animals with very droll captions.

I can't be sure, but I think the caption on the sheep might have been something like, "Talk about a baaaaaaaad hair day." Sigh.

tracey said...

You know I had poofy bangs. When I got married I had to choose my wedding veil carefully so as not to crush the poof. : )

Frank Irwin said...

In '87, I was the same age as Liz Tee, but I'm guessing that she's much younger than me, now.

That was the year that I moved to Bahston. And the year that my girlfriend broke with me. Over the phone. On Xmas Eve. Good times....

Mala said...

You've opened the floodgates, my friend.

Firstly, my Dad JUST FINALLY GOT CABLE!!!!Seriously, we had 3 channels, two of which we're indecipherably staticy! So I'd jump at any chence to go to a friend's house who had the wonders of cable. Ohhhhh sweet cable! So many channels, how I loved thee.
And of course I too loved the Alesdair. But he was hunky, and gorgeous, and...ahhhhhhh dreamy. But now, I couldn't tell you which one he is. Oh gawd, tell me he's not the one in the purple shirt and red vest! He's not, right?!

What exactly are you holding?

This makes me want to steal the photo albums from my Dad's.

onebadmamajama said...

On this day in 1987, I was celebrating my 19th birthday, USAF style..which thankfully involved enough alcohol that I don't remember it:) Pretty much sums up the rest of that year as well;)

Rich Girl Red said...

I was pregnant with child #1 and my husband was in Morocco for 2 months on an archeological dig as part of his graduate studies. All I ate while he was gone were grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. We had just gotten our first VCR that summer so I watched EVERY movie ever made. Sigh.

JC said...

I remember spending quite a lot of 1987 rolling the tape back into cassettes that had gotten stuck in the cassette player in the middle of one of my favorite songs (Paradise City, perhaps? ).

Whiskey Girl said...

Lets see..... I was seven and already forced to be at the gym doing gymnastics 4 days a freaking week...
Didn't have much time to be a kid or do anything fun, but I do remember going to the movie store every Saturday night with the rents....

Stuart said...

You're gonna totally want to kill the hell out of me after I say this, but I have to. Ahem. In that picture, you kinda look like the kid from Little Miss Sunshine who wanted to be a fighter pilot.

There. I said it. You may start with the killing.

wv: exosti - what you'll be after all that killin'

Bev said...

Tracey - I longed for poofy bangs, but my hair is fine and straight, so it was always a struggle to get any good lift! Not for lack of trying, though! I had poof-envy.

Frank - OW. That total skank! I hope she's eating her heart out now.

Malomatic - Alasdair is the handsome drink of water in the back, wearing red. He's got kind of a Jonas Brother vibe.

You need to bust out those albums!

Oh, and my mom still doesn't have cable yet! Living in VT is really like going back in time sometimes. It's freaky.

OBMJ - You're making me want to joing the Air Force!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

RGR - Watchin' movies and eatin' grilled cheese. Doesn't sound so bad....

JC - Paradise City rocked! Totally worth dealing with cassette tapes.

Whiskey - Jeez, that sounds like way too much work. :(

Stuart - LMAO!! I know, I admit to being in an *ahem* awkward phase.

Heidi Renée said...

I was 5 in 1987, so I wasn't doing anything nearly as interesting as the rest of you. I probably ate plenty of grilled cheeses that year, though.

Also, Take On Me is one of my favorite music videos of all time. I still have the hots for that cartoon guy.