Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump Day Funnies

Greetings, people of the interwebz! It's Wednesday and I'm in a rather foul mood. Again. It might have something to do with the fact that my kid keeps waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn, so I'm beat.  Or perhaps it's because I had to go head-to-head with my older son's teacher yesterday after he got in trouble for yawning in class yesterday. Yes, yawning.  Ummm, WTF?

Listen, D, I know you're only seven, but could you PLEASE try to be more robotic? It would make life in grammar school much easier for all of us.  Mkay, thaaaaaanks!

*eye roll*

If you're looking for trouble, you found it.
After I fired off a "What the fucking fuck is the meaning of this?" email the teacher called and spoke to Jim about it. Long story short, she agreed that maybe she shouldn't be riding a 2nd grader like Secretariat and we agreed not to call the principal and complain about her. So now everybody's happy... ish. But we'll be keeping a close eye on things from now on.

Anyhooters, I could use a good chuckle, couldn't you? Allow me to display some of the gems I've unearthed during my usual internet wanderings lately. I think we'll both feel better afterwards.



I am Batman.  Er... Catman.

Auto-fill fail.
This is my favorite: movies associated with each state in the U.S.  What About Bob?  I'll take it!  I thought they'd go with the obvious choice of On Golden Pond, but whatevs.  What did you get?

(Click to enlarge.... that's what she said!)

There. I *do* feel a little better. Hope you do, too. :)

Have a great Hump Day!

* In space terms that's about a half a million miles.


JJ said...

"she agreed that maybe she shouldn't be riding a 2nd grader like Secretariat.."

Awesome! ;)

Salt said...

Hahahahaha Zionism. I hate auto-fill!

I'm also wondering WTF the woman in the Europe picture is eating. It's GIANT!

MJenks said...

I knew even before I clicked on that map that I would get Bull Durham (current home) and Hoosiers (childhood home).

My third-grade teacher was very short. She was a runt. She was also something that rhymed with runt. I could see her totally getting up in someone's bidness for yawning.

onebadmamajama said...

"The Evil Dead"..AWESOME..that explains soooo much about where I live LOL

Samsmama said...

Oh, Catman and on the moon really did make me LOL. Well done.

Your kid yawned at school? I hope you taught him a lesson.

Wizard of Oz...can't believe I even clicked.

Mala said...

Yawning, really? Makes me feel better about my kid whipping out his weiner at lunch yesterday. If you're going to earn a call home, make it a good one!

CaliforniaMG said...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Get it? High???????? Hahahahaha.

Elliott said...

Mala - my friend's son has the same issue, repeatedly. I think he either exposes himself or hits a girl at least twice a week.

And if yawning is a crime, I say you pump a few Red Bulls into D before school tomorrow. She'll never complain about yawning again.

MtnMama said...

I snorted when I got to "maybe she shouldn't be riding a 2nd grader like Secretariat". No kidding, Bev. My kid is constantly in trouble at school.

I can't comment on blogs while I'm at work, but that doesn't stop me from reading and enjoying, and forwarding stuff to my boy-crush.


Don't have kids but they seem to gravitate towards me - prob. because we are at the same maturity level.

Bev said...

LOL - I love Elliott's Red Bull idea!

Green light yesterday! Apparently I just needed to bust some skulls up in hurrrrr. ;)

tracey said...

I am all over the Red Bull idea. I have been on both sides of the desk as a teacher & a parent. I think if parents stepped up & disciplined their little heathens at home & didn't expect the teacher to 'fix' them there would be less trouble in the classroom. On the other hand, not every little boy who scratches or hums, taps, pokes, looks, smells, touches, tastes, licks,stares or make fart noises at anything within a 2 ft radius of his desk has ADD. They are just little boys. Of course there's a rise in ADD cases. Kids used to walk to school & play outside at recess & after lunch to burn off some of that energy. No wonder kids are always in trouble. My daughter had an incredible first grade teacher. There was a little boy in the class who was a good kid, smart, obedient, but couldn't sit still to save his life. So she let him sit in the back row & he stood next to his desk most of the day. He just couldn't stay in his seat & was a distraction when she tried to make him. She let him stand & voila, done.
Anyway, waaay more of a response than you were looking for, sorry. Time to switch to decaf. : )

Elliott said...

...or lay off the Red Bull...

tracey said...

: )

CajunMan said...

"Southern Comfort"? With so many good movies set in New Orleans to choose from? Grrrrr.

Carol said...

HAha, great post, loved the Bat cat.

Cary said...

Yawning, eh? That's hard core. Don't blame her for cracking down. Gotta nip those yawners in the bud. Reminds me of the time I got in trouble at work for not showing enough enthusiasm at a staff meeting.

Love the thumb war pic!

CajunMan is right - a better choice would have been Gator with Jerry Reed (RIP). Or maybe Live And Let Die. Of course Georgia is Deliverance. Always. Never mind that it takes place on the border (literally) between GA and SC (the Chattooga River). I would have preferred Driving Miss Daisy or Gone With The Wind.