Monday, October 4, 2010

I Refuse To Let Today Suck: A List

Today is shaping up to be one of those days. You know those days - the ones that suck despite all of your efforts to make it not suck? Here's a list of some tiny odds & ends that have added up this morning. I'm bulldozing my way through them because I simply refuse to be annoyed. Much.

1. Overslept. Kids wouldn't get dressed and pulled all of the sheets and blankets off of my bed while I was in the shower.

2. Sugar bowl empty. Must take 30 extra seconds to find sugar bag and refill it. Goddamn it.

3. Discover evidence of someone sneaking pieces of chocolate cake: smeared frosting all over the counter & cake container. Collar the perps by the tell-tale chocolate stains on their faces and hands.

4. Out of milk. Kids ONLY want the Frosted Flakes that I never buy but allowed them to get as a treat last week. Whining ensues.

5. Due to his multiple potty training-related accidents over the weekend, M is out of underwear. Sent to school wearing saggy drawers that belong to his older brother. (What? At least they're clean!)

6. Kitten makes mad dash for open door in futile bid to escape. I briefly consider joining her.

7. Gas light on in car. Spend drive to school calculating how many more miles I can go before having to stop for fuel.

8. Forget momentarily that the nasty old bitch at the daycare who hates us has no manners and give her a cheery, "Good morning," which is met by icy silence. Kick myself for always expecting the best from people who have consistently proven themselves to be jackasses.

9. Spend first 30 minutes of work day listening to Cat Lady prattle on about how she hassled her doctor's office all day Friday to find out whether or not she has pneumonia. She doesn't, so Cough Fest '10 continues today uninterrupted. Yaaaaay.

10. Try to book haunted trolley ride for our trip to Salem this weekend and find that it's sold out. Thankfully Laurie calls and takes care of it because she is magical and somehow she can always fix these types of things. She also managed to find the most kid-friendly restaurant in town and make us a reservation there, too. LOVE that!

As you can see, it has been a rather trying morning but I'm determined to persevere! My weekend was good; we passed on everyone's kind offers to hang out and spent the entire weekend sitting around in pajamas. It was awesome not to have to go anywhere or be social for a change, and I love that my kids enjoy occasionally doing absolutely nothing as much as we do.

Ok, just one more item for my list, and then I'll cut the cord on this hot mess of a post. A few months ago we bought some (rather expensive) tickets to see the Boston Celtics play the Philadelphia 76ers in a pre-season game right here in Manchester. We were psyched because hey, we don't even drive down to Boston, right?
Plus, the game is on Wednesday which happens to be our anniversary, so what's better than bringing our adorable spawn to their first professional basketball game to celebrate their parents' happy union? We had plans to go out to dinner beforehand and visions of green t-shirts and giant foam fingers dancing in our heads.

Then last week we found out that Jim has parent-teacher conferences that night, so he'll miss the first half of the game and I get to bring two amped-up little boys to a crowded sporting event by myself. Because sports are SO my thing. *eyeroll*

Oh well. C'est la vie! Let's hope this week gets nothing but better as it rolls along, shall we?



CajunMan said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just READING that, Bev. Things are almost that crazy at our house right now, in the home stretch before our son's wedding next Saturday, but you win! Plus, style points to you for #8 -- that's impressive. Hang in there, ma'am.

Doc said...

Wow and I thought my morning got of to a crappy start... I'm glad you are keeping a good attitude about it though Bev.. Enjoy the rest of your day babes!

Rich Girl Red said...

Well, dahlin', it sounds to me like your week has nowhere to go but UP! I used to swear someone in my house was getting up in the middle of the night on Sunday and chugging an entire gallon of milk. I tried to trap the bastard on more than one occasion but he/she was a slippery little sunch.

I don't think Cat Lady has pneumonia. I think she has hairballs.

Your anniversary date/permanent birth control will work out just fine, I'm sure. (They serve hooch at those things, don't they? If not, one word. FLASK.)

Elliott said...

Could be worse, could be raining.

Did you at least staple the waistband so M's not walking around holding them up all day?

My car was too busy telling me I had a low tire to tell me I was almost out of gas the other day. Last week, both cars were on 'E' and we made a random trek hoping to find the station owned by our grocery chain since I earn gas discounts for buying groceries. Up-side? We got 30 gallons of gas for free. Down-side? That means I've spent almost $1600 on groceries since May, and that's not the only store I shop at. I can hope I get double discounts for beer.

Laurie said...

Totally hear you! I have had many o days like this. When I am running late it always seems like B cant find either or all of her shoes, backpack, homework, clean clothes, socks, brush, mittens and hat (in winter), jacket, or lunch. And/ or I can not find my keys, purse, coat, or shoes...

Wonder who's kid she is...

Frank Irwin said...

Finally, I recognize one of Elliot's movie quotes!

Bev, your Chocolate Cake Caper made me laugh. Tell Jim that he's setting a bad example for the boys.

PorkStar said...

Sounds like one hell of a start to your Monday. Like someone upthere said, it could be worst, like raining. It is raining cats and dogs here, on top of being sick and getting in to work late.

4.5 more days until the weekend. Not that long. (twss)

Mala said...

I hope the suckage has ended!

My morning started with me pouring sugar all over my counter and floor. Why, oh freakin' why, did my MIL feel the need to unscrew the top to the sugar container, leaving it only sitting upon the top? WTF? Who does that shit?

Mala said...

oh and hairballs made me LOL

Samsmama said...

Mala, your mom doing that reminds me of the punk kids that used to do that to the shakers when I worked at Pizza Hut a gazillion years ago. Seems nothing pisses off a customer more than sitting down to enjoy a slice then promptly unintentionally smothering it in crushed red peppers.

Sorry about your day, Bevcakes. I won't tell you how fab mine is going.

(I was going to call you Bevomite, like Dynomite, but something about having "vomit" right there in the middle of your name didn't seem right.)

Bev said...

Thanks, R, and congrats on your son's pending nuptials!!

Thanks, Doc!

RGR - OMG, the hairball remark made my DAY! Thank you!

Elliott - Hmm, staples would have been a good idea. I just put him in extra-snug pants to make up for it. Heh heh.

And I totally get the whole "spend oodles of money to get a gas discount" thing too. I was so psyched recently when I got gas for $1.25/gal. until I realized how much money I'd spent on food & wine to make it happen....

Laurie - Mornings are INSANE! No matter how hard we try to be organized... ugh!

Frank - I'm glad you laughed! I know it's cute but it still irks me when I find fingermarks in my chocolate cake! F'ing kids - nothing is sacred, not even chocolate!

Porky - True, true! Nice TWSS too. :)

Mala - More proof that the dingy old bat is out to git' ya! HAHA!

Smama - Thanks for not including vomit in my name. I like Bevcakes almost as much as Beversmooch!

Also, mmmmmm, red pepper flakes.... <3

Melissa said...

Oh THAT kind of day. Oy.

You've seen this right? I swear I am sure you've seen this. But just in case:

Hope the rest of your week increases in serenity exponentially by day. Or something like that.

P.S. Celtics? Booooo. Signed, A Laker Fan. ;)

Bev said...

Melissa, I hadn't seen that one!! I LOVE IT!!

"I'm a bird. I'm a bird. I'm a bird. I'm a bird."

LMAO! Thanks for that! Just for that I'll let the whole Celtics/Lakers thing slide. :)

Senorita said...

OMG, your day seems to suck hairy, smelly balls.


Glad you had a nice weekend though.

I hate crazy cat ladies. Totally feel your pain.


Glad you could laugh at the madness

Melissa said...

I'm really glad I gave you the link then. That shit was hilarious.