Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Most Unspooky Spooky Place

Good morning, my lovelies! Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words of encouragement and congratulations yesterday. You all mean the world to me, and I do mean that from the bottom of my boogity, boogity shoe. Today I'm going to share a few pictures from our trip to Salem, MA last weekend.

Salem was cool, but not as bewitching as we'd hoped. We have heard that the month of October brings out hoards of freaks in costumes, live re-enactments of witch trials in the common, and a palpable supernatural air that settles over the quaint little town north of Boston during the most haunted month of the year.

Yeah, not so much. It's a pretty town and all, but it's a modern small city like any other. The attractions were very pricey and VERY lame, and something about seeing Ye Olde Hot Dog Vendors and a long line of bright blue Porta-Potties located next to the Witch Museum detracted from the ambiance we'd been expecting. Oh well - we still had fun with our little group of friends, and the kids got into character and delighted passers-by who were also looking in vain for something eery.

On the way to Salem we passed a liquor store with such a funny name that I had to lean over and take a picture immediately.  I know many of you have seen a pic of this place floating around on the internet, but FYI, they really do exist in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Yes, I'm talking about Bunghole Liquors.

No word on whether they sell TP

Moving along.... The coolest part of the day (aside from our time spent in Ye Olde Pub drinking Ye Olde Pumpkin Ale) was wandering around in a 300 year old cemetery.

The worst part of the day was forking over $25 for our family to wander through the world's WORST wax museum.

We had no idea that Gerard Depardieu was involved in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692.
Nathaniel Hawthorne doesn't look so good.
Jim, ever the English teacher, intoned, "It's a little-known fact that Nathanial Hawthorne was seldom seen without his 'Do Not Touch' sign, which he carried everywhere."  Laughter ensued, but sadly that was the coolest thing we heard/saw in the museum.

We made the best of it, right up until Mark got arrested and thrown into the slammer.
I have always suspected him of witchery.  This just confirmed it.

I was shocked to learn that one of my ancestors was one of the first female pirates in Salem.

Arrr, keep ye hands offa me booty!

Later we enjoyed some time in a local eatery before taking a haunted trolley ride and seeing a little show.  The kids had a ball.

 Then we went back to our hotel and fell asleep at 9 PM, because we're all party animals like that.

Fangs for the memories!  Ah ah ah!
So there you have it!  A fun-filled family adventure, minus the adventure part. 

Have a lovely Thursday, my friends. *mwah*


MJenks said...

Because I'm a killjoy like that (and you told me to keep my hands off yer booty), "bunghole" is the hole in the barrel through which the vintner (or the brewmaster or the distiller) can sample the booze within to see if it has properly aged.

You can learn a lot from Dirty Jobs.

Doc said...

I am Cornholio!!! (sorry had too)

Bev said...

Thanks, Professor! I actually knew that one, for a change. ;) But still... bunghole... that's some funny shizz!


Salt said...

I'm making the drive up...if only so I can stop in and get some beer at Bunghole Liquors.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Fun pictures. Fun family.

Samsmama said...

Man, there's one in every group, huh?
*rolls eyes at MJenks*

Great pics! And why do I feel like I've seen your hubby in that shirt before?

tracey said...

Looks like a great day. Before we moved, we spent a day in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor & walking around Westminster Cemetery where Poe is buried. It was pretty cool & I bet it would be wonderfully creepy at Halloween.

Bev said...

Thanks, all!

Salt - Call me!

Robyn - Thank you!

Smama - He only busts it out on special occasions. My birthday was the tuxedo t's maiden voyage, but we thought it gave him a certain Dracula vibe that was perfect for Salem.

Tracey - I'm weird like that; I love cemeteries! The final resting place of Poe must have been pretty cool.

Mala said...

No sexy time with the wax figures? How is that possible?! It's mandatory, dammit!

Elliott said...

Gerard Depardieu is involved in most hysteria. And I'd heard that about Hawthorne, glad to know it wasn't just hearsay. We've gone past a number of 18th century cemeteries around here, including a family plot we checked out just to see the gated mansion behind it.

And Ohio has a Licking County. I was sans camera the last time I drove through, but I'm fairly certain we drove past the Licking Cornhole Company.

Because cornhole is a big deal here in Ohio.

Heidi Renée said...

Are those sculptures made of ear wax? Egads.

For as many times as we went to Salem when we lived in Massachusetts, we never did any of the witch stuff. We were always there to go to the Corvette dealership. Sounds like we saw the best part, though.

Mike said...

I see the boys got full use of their costumes this year.