Monday, October 18, 2010

Musical Monday: Baby-Makin' Edition

And we're baaaaaaack. Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm tired but ready to rock this week out! I've got a ton of work ahead of me but I'm on top of it.

"Where are we with that?"
"That thing you just mentioned, just now? Oh, we're on top of that, Don!"

Before I buckle down and get some shizz done, I have to tell you that recently I rediscovered some awesome baby-makin' music.  Don't get me wrong - I am NOT makin' any more babies - that train has sailed - but still, who doesn't like songs that make you want to get horizontal?

This confession will most likely eliminate all of my hard-earned street cred here on the OOBH, but I don't care.

I'm talking about Sade.

Still amazing after all these years.  I suspect witchcraft.
This woman... wow.  First of all, she has not aged in over 25 years; she still sounds and looks exactly the same as she did when Smooth Operator made her famous in the early 80's.  Recently I saw her new Solider of Love video and I was blown away, so I downloaded a few of her songs and now I can't stop listening to them.  Not only are they sexy and good for... well, sexy times... but they're also great background music for just about anything.  I celebrate her entire catalog.

I think this song is my favorite:

Now, lest you think I've gone completely soft on you, I've got one of the world's crappiest music videos for you to make fun of enjoy as well!  I stumbled across this little gem last week and have been waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on you.  Today, my friends, is that day.

I give you, "Love in a Pub (in Essex)," by Leoncie:

Yes, yes, YES!  It took me almost a full minute to realize that she was speaking English.  This video has it ALL, doesn't it?

Move over, Sade, because Leoncie is coming for your title of Queen of Baby-Makin' Music!

Better get to work, my lovelies.  Have a great day!


Elliott said...

I have finally acquired my first iPod, I'll have to check Sade out. (No speakers here at work, sadly.)

I might need a 'Music middle-aged people do it to' playlist.

Mala said...

I will never set foot in another pub. ever.

Brooklyn ML said...

Maybe it's the Asian connection, or the fact that I'm nearly peeing myself with laughter, but I couldn't help but be reminded of something I saw in Japan. A female vocalist, dressed to the nines, big stage, big audience, belting"Cry Me a River" for all she's worth. Except it came out as "Cly Me a Liver." The way that gorgeous flower above warbled "Leoncie"...ummm...Really, she takes my breath away!

Bev said...

Elliott - Hey! Who you callin' middle aged? Oh, wait.... Shit.



Maeghan - That's awesome!! My sister and I still talk about the time we heard a bunch of Chinese guys singing, "Ret It Be" at karaoke one time. Hilarious!

Elliott said...

I've got five years on you, and women generally outlive men. I can be middle-aged and you will remain youthful and vibrant. It works.


That video was great. I really did LOL. It does have everything. It reminds me of a general thesis I have: Foreign people are naturally funny.

Samsmama said...

That voice can most certainly not be coming out of that woman. How truly odd. That ensemble is way too short, and it's obviously cold in there. And what is up with dude's wig and moustache? Where did you say you found this?

Totally agree about Sade.

Bev said...

Israel - Agreed! Especially foreigners with big ugly wigs and painted-on clothing. Comedy gold!

Smama - Not sure where I found this, to be honest! I've been sitting on it for over a week (TWSS).

Thanks for backing me up on the Sade love. :)

Heidi Renée said...

Leoncie needs to tuck her vag back into her skirt.

Harmony said...

Because my internet is total shit, I had to wait forever for the video to load. And, because my patience wears pretty thin, I kept starting the video anyway...needless to say, I strained my voice trying to master the raspy "He got fired" line...not to mention the horse "WEEEE" at the end. Love it!

Stacie's Madness said...

wtf is wrong here?????