Friday, October 22, 2010

We all need a personal slogan, right?

Hey there, you sexy beasts!  How's it going?  I'm sorry I've been MIA a lot this week, but I've been busier than a one-legged Riverdancer. Plus, I admit I've been in a bit of a blogging slump; when I sit down to try to write for my beloved OOBH I come up woefully blank. Don't worry though; much like the gas from the ill-advised bowl of Hormel chili I had for lunch yesterday, this too shall pass.

TMI? Sorry. I thought you were into that sort of thing. ;)

This has been an interesting week.  For starters, my youngest son (age 3) has become oddly fixated on a song from the Marmaduke soundtrack, which means I've been starting every morning jamming out to some Tupac.  That's right - the boys and I rock it out to California Love every morning - we roll up to the school with the base throbbing, heads bobbing, then we throw up gang signs to the para-professionals who greet the kids and go our separate ways. We pretty much rule that school, old-skool, but it does set an odd tone to the day.  Not bad, just a little different.  It makes me laugh, though, and mama likes to laugh.

Halloween is just around the corner!  Is anybody dressing up?  I was going to be a sexy witch but the other night I decided that I might look around for a Maude Lebowski wig.  It's probably not the most current costume idea, but it's a classic and I do love me some Maude!  I've already got Jim growing in some Dude-ish facial hair, too.

Speaking of Halloween, I shared this funny Elvira video on the OOBH Facebook page yesterday.  Btw, if you haven't become a fan of the OOBH yet, what are you waiting for?  Even on days when I don't have the energy to make a blog post I'm usually farting around over on Fecesbook, so come talk to me, why don'tcha? 

Okay, enough pandering.  Check out this hot bish:

This woman is 59 years old.  FML.

I love her!  When I was a kid I always wanted my dad to rent me one of her movies at the video store but he never would.  You see that?  Even as a child I was drawn to her snarky persona and enormous knockers like a moth to a flame.  In this quick video she is spoofing political laughing-stock Christine O'Donnell, and in so doing she has provided me with my new personal slogan.  Take a look - you'll know what I mean:

I'm you, 'cept with bigger tits.

Put that on my headstone and call it a day!  Could it BE any more perfect?  No, no it could not.  Hmm, this gives me an idea....  Maybe I'll ditch my Maude costume idea and just go for the gusto and be Elvira!  *wheels turning*

Okay, poopsies.  Gotta run.  Lots to do today and miles to go before I sleep.  Hope you all have a groovy weekend!


Mala said...

I always wonder what Elvira does the rest of the year. I mean, she must workout like crazy to look like that, just to reveal it once a year. It's like me... just before vacation. Except she's actually successful. FML

CaliforniaMG said...

Elvira must never go out in the sun, or see daylight EVER, because her skin is as smooth as...mine. Ha! She looks amazing, and yes, her slogan is the best ever.

Salt said...

I got an error! Noooo!! I have to see that video. I have always been totally enamored with Elvira too. :)

And yes, I'm dressing up, but you knew that already.

Your kids have great taste in music.

Elliott said...

I have fond memories of watching Elvira's late night b-movies, and her zany act. I have fonder memories of finding her photo spread in an adult publication found during an illicit search of my father's dresser.

We're doing the grown-up Halloween thing this year, since we got tickets to a Masquerade Ball. It's based on Poe's Masque of the Red Death, so I've rented a tux already and my plague doctor mask is in the works.

Heidi Renée said...

Elvira is fabulous. I have also been known to rock out to California Love. Just not every day.

WV: sconedp. Mmm, scones.

MJenks said...

Even on my worthless, lazy day, I'm here Bev.

My slogan is already out there for everyone to see (almost literally): Life is short; let's get naked.

I've always found it amusing that Boobarella was on Marge's okay list for Homer when it comes time to remarry. That's about all that I can muster; I wasn't allowed the Elvira movies, either, when I was a kid.

MJenks said...

Ha. My word ver for that last comment was "hoved", which, given Elvira, seems to be half a continent away. :D

Bev said...

Mala - I don't even do the mad pre-vacation dash to fitness, so F *M* L. At least you try!

CAML - LOL, that almost spells camel. Heh heh. Anywho, yes, her skin is amazing! Even without all the pancake makeup she's stunning.

Salt - Sorry the vid didn't work!! Your costume totes rocks.

Elliott - OOOH, that sounds like fun! I wanna go! Also, I want to see this illicit male magazine spread. Naturally.

Heidi - Yes, every day gets to be a bit much.

MJenks - Aw, you really do care! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day of (wanking) doing nothing to leave me a comment. :)

LOL @ Boobarella!

Doc said...

Awesome!! I loved Elvira too...

AND I jam to California Love all the time too!

tracey said...

Poor Tupac would spin in his grave if he knew but I too, a 40 something white Canadian mom, am also a fan. He'd be so disappointed he'd probably make different life choices to avoid the shame. So, I guess, by keeping that secret, I killed Tupac. Didn't see that coming did you?

Anyhoo, this is the first time in 8 years we aren't hosting a massive Halloween event for the community so I won't be in an very sexy XXS or XXL - depending on what was left at the bottom of the box - orange sweatshirt. I want to dress up but I'm overwhelmed by the choices. What to do, what to do?


That got me thinking- I may need a slogan as well. Let me dwell on that for a minute. Have a great weekend.