Wednesday, November 10, 2010

80% Wordless Wednesday!

I'm not really here today.  I wrote this post last night at 11:30 at night when I should have been in bed, but wasn't.  Today I'm somewhere much better...  I'm finally using a spa gift card that my lovely sister got for me last Christmas!  Yes, by 9:30 I will be puddy in some massage therapist's hands, and a little pampering couldn't come at a more welcome time.  Here's to a fabulous day. 

Please to enjoy the funny pics I left you, and try not to trash the place too much, ok?

I think we can all agree that the following picture completely rocks:

Twilight:  in a nut shell.

I totally checked.

For those not-so-Poised moments.

An ad from my Facebook page last night.  WTF are these things?

And why does Facebook think I have a baby?

Have a great Hump Day!


MJenks said... the person driving the truck really single, or did the wedding band crack and fly off like a bullet shot from a pistol after succumbing to the intense, near-geologic strain and pressure it was under?

Frank Irwin said...

I guess you just put that Instant Underpants puck in your jeans, and you only use them when you need them?

Liz Tee said...

Happy spa day! Occasionally Facebook decides I am interested in fertility clinics in Seattle. I am 50 effing years old.

Rich Girl Red said...

Enjoy your spa day!

Wilford Brimley on a cock. With a saddle. Outstanding.

Yahoo likes to send me lots of fabulous products designed to enlarge my penis. So thoughtful.

I have this mental picture of a pair of panties suddenly exploding like a rubber raft out of my jeans just because I sneezed. I'm going to have to pass on that one.

Melissa said...

Love the Brimley picture. Hope you're feeling wonderful!

Elliott said...

When someone told me years ago that Wilford Brimley liked the cock, that's not what I envisioned at all. I'm not so much impressed with the composition as I am that someone took the time to draw that. Had it just been Photoshopped, I wouldn't have been impressed at all.

And I'm not bothered so much by the risk of a sudden explosion of instant underpants. But the 'Just Add Water' part bothers me. If I need emergency unders, I'm probably not going to want a wet pair.

Samsmama said...

I didn't scroll down fast enough and thought the caption about the FB ad went with that enormous sausage arm and I was super confused for a second there.

Hope you are having a fab day!

Mala said...

HA RGR!!! Or laugh! Good thing I wasn't wearing a pair when reading your comment.

Re: Twilight? What?! They do it? Well, hell, maybe I'll actually go see it now.


When did you photograph my arm?

Heidi Renée said...

Well now I'm definitely not going to see Breaking Dawn. Or any of the rest of them.

Elliott has a very good point about the instant underwear. I think they'd only be useful for that horrid water park lady you posted a while back. That was your post, wasn't it?

It's 11:30 here and I really should be in bed, because I definitely don't have a spa day tomorrow. Maybe I can get my cats to walk around on me while I drift off and it'll seem like a massage.

Senorita said...

LOL, I totally checked my keyboard !