Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flashback: PSA's in the 1980's were AWESOME!

What she knows scares me.
As promised to my fabulous Facebook FOOBHs, today is the day we get to hop into our way-back time machine and watch some awesome Public Service Announcements from that most excellent of decades, the 1980's! These clips all brought me back - way back - and I'm excited to see if you guys remember them too.

First up, this is a classic anti-drug PSA with a killer catch phrase. I used to say this to my dad all the time and it was guaranteed to make him laugh.

"You, alright? I learned it by watching you!"

That one was a Saturday morning staple, and I still sing this little jingle every time I'm cutting the cheese.

Wait, that came out wrong. Never mind, just watch the clip.

Time for Timer!

Another classic, and possibly the greatest punchline in television history:

This one didn't make me not want drugs; it just made me want delicious fried eggs.

Who remembers this next one? Remember the good old days when we were just learning that 9 to 5-style sexual harassment was actually... wrong?

I don't remember this next one, probably because we didn't have NBC in our house until I was twelve. Yes, before we moved the only channels we got were CBS and, on a good day, a fuzzy PBS. That's why I quote movies like it's an illness - I watched a shitload of movies during those formative years!

Anywho, I had to include this one because it's Jason Bateman. *swoooon*

So cute.

TELL me you aren't singing along with this next one! Talk about a flashback.

McGruff the Crime Dog, anyone?

I can't do an 80's PSA post without including these guys:

Or this one:

One more Time for Timer clip, because they rock my socks off. This one had me obsessed with making ice cube popsicles for years.

There you have it! What I'd like to know is why they don't make/air any good PSA's anymore. I have the "scare 'em straight" PSA's that they air these days. Why not bring back singing, dancing cowboys instead of showing me horrible car crashes (don't text & drive!) or boneless girls (don't smoke pot!)? Also, as a parent, I'd love to see more ads warning kids about stranger danger and household poisons. I'm serious!

Did I miss any of your favorites? Speak up!


Molly's Mom said...

OMG...LOVED the Timer bits! I was also obsessed with the ice cube popsicles and probably drove my mother to drinking with asking for them. Now I'm getting it back - anytime daughter sees ads on Nickelodeon or Disney about making cookies (which are NOT as simple as Wagon Wheels or Ice Cube popsicles, BTW), she's bugging me about making them. Damn.

Elliott said...

I remember a lot of these, even without sound and in some cases, without even hitting play...(cheese, anyone?)

And I still have Mr. Yuk stickers at home. I think we have pictures of the dammit with them on his head...

And after the sexual harassment video, it linked to a Pee Wee Herman 'Don't Do Crack' PSA. Ah, good times.

Bev said...

Molly's Mom - Awesome memories! You're right - every annoying thing we did to our parents comes back at us tenfold when we have kids of our own. It's called, "The Mother's Curse," and I use it liberally!

Elliott - Yeah, I saw that PeeWee promo and thought about using it, but... nah. Unless it's a "don't wank in public places" PSA, I'm not interested!

Frank Irwin said...

We used to make the orange juice popsicles, but instead of using orange juice, we used coca cola.

Heidi Renée said...

The thought of someone going to the library to ask for a sexual harassment booklet cracks me up. McGruff would come to my school as part of the DARE program. It was like meeting someone famous.

Bev said...

Frank - That actually sounds pretty good to me!

Heidi - You met McGruff????? LUCKY! The best my school could muster was a lack-luster Up With People performance.

Frank Irwin said...

It was! And the carbonation kept it from getting real hard (TWSS), so it was more like a slush-pop.