Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guyliner: Yea or Nay?

See also: "Trying too hard"

Lately I've been seeing more and more "rock star-type" celebrities wearing eyeliner. No, I'm not referring to Raccoon McFug (AKA Taylor Momsen), I'm talking about dudes who like to get their Khol on even more than the ladies.

I'm not sure what to make of all of this, so I thought I'd ask my BOOBHs. Are we for this, or against it? Is it hot or... well, not?

Below are some prime examples of metrosexual dudes rockin' the guyliner, along with my votes on whether it makes them more or less drool-worthy.

First up - a pioneer in the Men Who Wear Make-Up category, and one of my personal favorites....

Robert Smith (The Cure)
Out of loyalty, I say YEA.  I will always love me some Bob.

Billie Joe Armstrong (Greenday)
He has always, always, always rocked.  YEA.

Bono (U2)
NAY.  Et tu, Bono?

Vintage Bret Michaels (Poison)
NAY.  He's cheesy enough without adding guyliner.

Johnny Depp (as Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow)
I'd hit that like a freight train.  YEA.

Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction)
Any guy who spends more time doing his hair/make-up than I do...instant NAY.

Jared Leto (Actor and Singer, 30 Seconds to Mars)
NAY.  Trying too hard.  I preferred him fat and in Crocs.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
NAY.  See Navarro, Dave.

Russell Brand (Actor/Comedian)
YEA.  I have a soft spot for him now because of his Aldous Snow character.

Adam Lambert (Singer)
YEA.  I never watched him on Idol, but I secretly DIG HIM.  Like, a lot.

And on the EXTREME end of the spectrum:

Gene Simmons (KISS)
Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree?



Elliott said...

Bono? Really? That seems so wrong. I blacked out my eyes behind my mask on Saturday, and even after scrubbing my face raw when we got home, it still looked like guyliner - some of it just wouldn't come off. And the look just doesn't work for me.

But a woman with smoky eyes? Damn, yes. If I were a depressed teen right now, I'd totally be into scene girls.

Mala said...

Cap'n Jack pulls it off best. Hellz to the yeah, like you said sista, like a freight train
but as for the rest, stay out of my makeup bag, mmmkay.

I got to see my childhood friend on E! News this week, which was awesome. But unfortunately he was on because Taylor Momsen is such a douche. He NEVER talks about her despite being in her band. I suspect she's like his Crazy Cat Lady Co-Worker in a size 0.

Rich Girl Red said...

Big fat YES on Johnny Depp. I'd hit that so hard it'd take the true King of England to pull me off.

Everyone else, nah. Although I must confess to deep (and very sexually confused) feelings for Adam Lambert. It's the theatre geek in me, I suppose.

I like guys who just shower, dress, and show up. As is. I wish I could do that, but it's not going to happen. :)

MJenks said...


That should be, "Et tu, Bone?"

And I was full on rocking the eye makeup on Halloween. I enjoyed it perhaps a little too much (I was also in the extreme category with Gene).

Elliott said...

We had a trick-or-treater, probably four or five years old, whose parents bestowed full Gene Simmons makeup on her to go with her naturally dark wavy hair. I gave her double candy for rocking.

Bev said...

Elliott - Pics, please. :)

Personally I love wearing eyeliner, but you're right - it's a bitch to remove.

Mala - I'll bet you're right! CCL in a size 0 = excellent!

RGR - As a fellow theatre geek, I have to guess that's why I dig him too. I like his music (blush) too. That song, "If I Had You" fucking rocks my socks off.

Jenks - IMO, as long as you don't enjoy wearing ladies' shoes or underwear, you're still in the clear. Bone.

Elliott - As well you should have! That is excellent!

Frank Irwin said...

You want a pioneer in guyliner? Try this guy.

Or this guy.

Bev said...

Touche, Frankenberry. Touche!

Stacie's Madness said...

i could care less, if they aren't sleeping in my bed they can eat all the crackers they want...

Elliott said...

here's one

and another

Of course, there was this guy wandering around in the boldest costume ever...

Frank Irwin said...

Whoa, Elliot! That dude's creepy!
The guy in the shells isn't so bad, though.

Elliott said...

And the picture doesn't do him justice...he was gold and metallic...and I'm sure there's more than one video of him shakin' his shell to the music on stage.

Ah, to be free of inhibition...

Bev said...

Elliott, that's AMAZEBALLS!

Is that your nose or are ya' just glad to see me?

I wanna go to that party... to see the shell dude alone!

CaliforniaMG said...

I think I'm not a fan of men in eyeliner, even Robert Smith, whom I love for long time. Like Rich Girl Red, I like a man who showers and shows up. Dressing is optional.

Elliott said...

I am always - always - glad to see you...

Bev said...

WOOT! Yeah baby! I can feel the love.

At least, I hope that's love....

Samsmama said...

Just pretend that *THIS* takes you to a picture of Marilyn Manson. I'm way too tired and lazy to actually do it.

MtnMama said...

What RGR said...

Elliott! Awesome, and I LOVE Poseidon! Fun party. (I hung out with short people and their boring parents; Boo!)

I remember when a guy wearing any makeup was SCANDALOUS. I'm happy that we've all loosened up a bit.

Heidi Renée said...

I am glad you don't want Jared Leto or Dave Navarro because they are my yeas. Especially this Dave Navarro.

Harmony said...

Holy shit, I can not express my turmoil that I have suffered due to Aldous Snow. As for some ungodly reason that character has created a soft spot for nast-a-licious Russel Brand in my heart as well. I am more than relieved to know that I am not alone.

Cary said...

I too love Aldous Snow.

Guyliner? Uh, no thanks. It worked for Alice Cooper but few since.

I do like a little lip liner every now and again, though.

wv: tratra

If at first you don't succeed, tratra again.

David said...

Cool stuff, have to agree on Alice, and especially Johnny - that guy's just King Midas.
And you did go out on the deep end with Kiss' Gene Simmons, which I agree with. I was just wondering how much less ackage on the Bill the Cat Ack! Scale would Ace Frehley be (who left Kiss about 30 years ago).
Not sure if it counts, but I think that Ace rocked the makeup well - it's really become an icon (like the cool flip side of Gene Simmon's demon face).
If girls were at all into Kiss, though, I'd guess they'd prefer Peter Criss' catman as the cutie, still.