Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my darling BOOBHs! I hope all of my American bloggy buddies are spending a lovely day with your families. I am cooking a huge feast for my little family; this is our second year of staying home and I could not be happier about it! We'll miss seeing our extended families but there is nothing quite like spending Thanksgiving in your pajamas (hurray for elastic waists!), watching movies, having a football catch, and oh yeah - eating and drinking!

Last year's dinner will be hard to top (my son still raves about it and it was pretty terrific, if I do say so myself... and I do), but so far the meal is coming along nicely.  I made two dishes last night, got up before dawn to make the stuffing and molest the bird, and now I'm letting my husband sleep in while the kids watch The Polar Express.  Soon, a nap.  :)

Even though I allowed the turkey to thaw for four days it was still a little bit frozen inside, so fishing around for the neck this morning was a real treat!  I finally resorted to squirting hot water in there to loosen the ice so I could get my fingers around it, so if we die of ptomaine poisoning later today, that's why.  Oh, and since this is only the 3rd or 4th turkey I've ever roasted in my life I was pleased to finally remember where they hide the darn giblet package!
At some point today we'll be watching Elf, which is a Thanksgiving tradition 'round these parts.  This movie just gives me the warm fuzzies and gets me ready for Christmas!

Speaking of that, I am venturing out at the ass-crack of pre-dawn tomorrow morning on my first-ever Black Friday excursion.  Please wish me luck!  I think we can hold our own; I'm not afraid to throw some elbows or dirty looks, especially at 4 AM.  Bitches best not get in between me and a half-priced Dyson!

Anygravy, just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful day.  I am SO SO SO SO thankful for all of you.  Your friendship and the laughter we share means the world to me!

*MWAH*  Gotta run - my coffee ain't gonna spike itself.  ;)

La Bev


tahageman said...

LOL! Thank you for giving me a break from all the sappy, maudlin T-day posts. :) Good luck with that Dyson!

MtnMama said...

I think I struck the perfect chord for us this year: I'm still in jammies at 11am, but will be driving up to Evergreen (8000 ft) in a few hours to enjoy a full-on feast and beverage fest, at a delightful old restaurant in the Colorado mountains. And the hotel we'll be crashing in tonight (so that mommy can indulge - WOOT) is 16 feet from the restaurant! :) Hoping for some snow up there, since we were ROBBED down here in the Mile High city.

But of course, I've got a turkey breast, mashers, and pumpkin pie in the fridge for the rest of the long weekend once we come home again. Cold pumpkin pie for breakfast is one of my favorite traditions!

Heidi Renée said...

That Dyson will be worth it. Enjoy the family time!

Mala said...

I'm thankful to you, my friend!

So how's that new oven working?

And listen to that tryptophan and sleep in tomorrow. Vacuuming is over rated!

Samsmama said...

Hope you had a wonderful day! It sure sounds like it!

I had the stomach flu. Yep. Good times. Luckily I'm all better today and we're having a do over meal this evening. Then, round 3 when we get the kid back tomorrow night. All I want for Christmas is more elastic pants.

Elliott said...

Mmmm, gravy. I may have to go out and pick up a leftover clearance turkey tonight, just so we can have leftovers and turkey stock. Both our families pared the holiday down a bit, so I'm lacking on the leftover front.

Glad you enjoyed the time with the fam, hoping you survived your black Friday adventures. I refuse to wander into the retail sector at all during Thanksgiving weekend. It's better for everyone involved that way.