Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Monday: Head Over Heels

Good morning, beautiful BOOBHs! How are ya?

I'm doing fine, just feeling a little brain dead this morning. What else is new, eh? This is par for the Monday course! I'm shaking off the cobwebs slowly and might even indulge in an extra cup of coffee. I've got a lot to do this week. Like, a lot, a lot.

Not that "Happy."
Not that I'm complaining; I'm definitely not. I realized this weekend that I am happy.  In fact, I'm happier right now than I have been in quite some time. This writing thing agrees with me - I really feel so much more challenged in the cranial region than I have in ages, and I dig it. Sure, I'm busy as heck and a little stressed about hitting all of my deadlines and doing a fabulous job, but it's a good busy. It's even almost a good stress. Cool.

Any-blab-a-roo, I'm about to dive in and get some shizz done, but not before I share this video that made me seriously LOL this weekend.  Check it out - it's a literal interpretive video for "Head Over Heels" by Tears For Fears.

Have a groovy and productive Monday, mis amigos!


Mala said...

*slow clap* That. Was. Awesome! Dave Colier - well played.

I don't know about productive, but I'll work on the groovy.

Mala said...

annnnndddd I'm back.

(damnit blogger, can't you just assume I want to subscribe by email!)

Bev said...

Well, I seem to have jinxed myself! I'm not being very productive today either. BOOOOOOOO!

I think I need to let this lemon that's shaped like a head swallowing another head speak for itself. I mean, what can I possibly say about it?


Heidi Renée said...

Actually, I don't like his mullet. And was that sweater priced in 80s dollars or present day? Because if it was 80s dollars I think he got ripped off. And now I'm off to watch the other literal music videos.


LOL that was very funny. Tears for fears was 100% emotions and teeth.

Bev said...

Heidi - I've been meaning to watch the other literal videos too! Let me know if you find a favorite.

Israel - Totally! The teeth!