Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Pole Dancing

Oh my, what a busy day I've had!  I've been running around all day getting shizz accomplished, but never fear -- I have not forgotten my darling bloggy buddies.  Never!  I've got a few funnies for you and then a super hot pole dancing video.

Heh heh.  You'll see....

But first, the funnies!  Most of these are from

Quite possibly the most awesome haircut EVER.

Not to sound paranoid, but I think my GPS is trying to kill me. Last week it got all turned around and the little cartoon car was actually in the middle of the river, yet the robotic voice kept saying, "When possible, make a U-Turn." How am I supposed to turn around when I'm floating in the Merrimack River, GPS??  How, damn it?

Ahem. Anyway. How about a super hot pole dancing video?

 HA HA! Gotcha. :)

Pretty amazing though, right?

That's it for now, my lovelies! Catch ya' tomorrow.


Frank Irwin said...

Haircut guy looks like Rowlf.

That has got to be one of the flattest-chest (flat-chestiest?) pole dancers I've ever seen! No wonder she doesn't get any tips.

Elliott said...

Frank, flat-chested strippers get tips, too. They just have to work harder for them, and usually develop crippling carpal tunnel syndrome.

Haircut guy? That's not Paula Poundstone? Silly me.

Elliott said...

First, my word verf on that comment was Somestra. Some drug company is patenting that name right now...

Second, I should add an 'or so I've heard' to the end of that stripper comment.

Um, yeah.

onebadmamajama said...

The link wouldn't work for me. And yeah that haircut rocks! It makes him look like a cocker spaniel!

Bev said...

Frank - Totally, Rowlf! I love that guy.

And hey, flat-chested strippers need love too! I mean, I'd guess. How the hell would I know?

Elliott - Paula Poundstone! Right on.

I don't know about Somestra. The OOBH should be sponsored by delicious Speed, IMO. They don't call it Mother's Little Helper for nothin'.

OBMJ - Sorry the link didn't work! It's working fine for me. Anyone else have problems?

Cocker Spaniel! heeee

Frank Irwin said...

Cocker Spaniel? I barely know 'er Spaniel!

WV: stifie

Stacie's Madness said...

holy shit that guy can work a pole

Mala said...

I can't see the video due to a google ad for Arthur Murray Dance School. Really, do they teach that shit there? Heh?
I'm sure the outtakes of the guys who didn't do so well on the pole is hilar!

MtnMama said...

As M said, that was awesome. Such flexibility. (and that's what the guys think when they watch boobed-strippers, right?)

The only consolation in seeing Eva L without makeup is knowing that no one ever looks like a magazine cover. No one.

Senorita said...

All I could think about while watching the male pole dancers was: How on earth do they protect their man jewels ? I guess my take on that is if you slam them against a pole enough, it gets less painful each time.

Doc said...

You are soooo funny Bev!

Heidi Renée said...

Who is that last fugly chick in the reality graphic? Because she doesn't look good in either column.