Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wow, That's Random!

Hey there, Hump-Diddies!  Hope you're all enjoying this Wednesday.  It's gray and rainy here in Nouveau England and I am not wearing any pants.

WOOHOO!  It's my day off, bitches!  Pants can suck it!

Anyhooooo, aside from that fact, my head's a'swimming with randomness today, and the only thing that can be done about it is to barf it all out onto my blog and hope it amuses someone.  Yes, that someone is you.

Now, on to the random!

My new oven gets delivered today!  YESSSSSSSSS.  I've been cooking on a broken oven for so long now (9 years!) that I am going to have to learn how to cook all over again, but that's okay by me.  What I'm looking forward to the most:

1.  Being able to set the temperature to anything over 400 degrees F without reducing my food to charcoal briquets
2.  Following package directions instead of viewing them more as "suggestions."
3. Making my family a Thanksgiving feast next week without worrying about stuff coming out burned on the edges and raw in the middle.
4.  Knowing that if I set the timer for 20 minutes I won't return to find the kitchen filled with smoke.

It's National Unfriend Day according to Jimmy Kimmel, but I won't be participating because I think it's kind of mean.

Though I admit that I cleaned out my Friends list just last week for the first time ever, I didn't get rid of people just because they "wouldn't help me move" or anything.  Let's face it, moving sucks!  I wouldn't even ask my friends to help me move because it sucks so much.

No, I only deleted people that I honestly don't know and 1-2 businesses/web personalities. There were about eleven people who got the ax through no fault of their own, but I still felt kind of bad about doing it. Then I realized that I had hidden about 4 of those people from my news feed and wondered why I give them access to MY personal info. when I have no interest in seeing THEIRS.  You know I'm a "Show me yours" kind of girl!

I do have the OOBH fan page, and no one is turned away there. Besides, that's where I post the good stuff that I don't want my family to see. *wink*

Like this:

If you're still on my Friends list today, you can be sure that I like you, I am interested in what you have to say, and I'm grateful for your friendship!  *smooch*

Boy, I was in the pissiest mood yesterday!

I have no idea why, but I had a case of the Christian Bales like nobody's business.  Everything anyone at work said to me irked me (more than usual), and everything I read online rubbed me the wrong way too.  I finally realized that I needed to just go home and hide out for the night, so that's exactly what I did.  A few hours on the couch with Jim and my boyfriend Daniel Tosh definitely cured what ailed me, as did going to bed at 10:15 PM.

Since unpaid product endorsements are kind of my thing, I have to take a second to rave about a service.  I recently rejoined Netflix because of their ads saying you can stream unlimited movies through Wii for $9/month.  Holy smokes, this is awesome!  This service paid for itself the first week we had it because of the Children/Family section alone.  We all watched Up last week (loved it), and Jim and I have watched some crappy movies (like 2012 - I fell asleep) and a pretty decent one (Zombieland was suprisingly awesome).

AND I got a hard copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in the mail, too, which was cool because I forgot I added it to my queue like a year ago before I canceled Netflix.  This week's DVD shipment is The Mothman Prophecies, which Cary recommended to me.  Yay!

I highly recommend Netflix.  (Now where's my check, guys?  Ha ha)

Oh, and thanks to their relentless (but effective!) advertising, my son now asks me, "Mom, can we watch a movie instantly through Wii?"

That's my little budding consumer.  *patting his head*

Okay, that'll do for now.  I'll leave you with one last utterly random funny:

Have a great day!


Liz Tee said...

You missed the trick to watching 2012! You have to be, um, in an altered state of consciousness; like, drinking heavily. In fact, you can make it a drinking game: take a drink every time something bad happens, even if it's something as trivial as getting stuck as a red light. The drunker you are, the more hilarious it is!

I initially tried to watch it sober and failed at the 20 min. point.

I love Netflix! Not everything I want to watch is streamable, but they're getting there.

Liz Tee said...

p.s re 2012: Also, you must watch it in a group! Absolutely no fun alone. :)

Samsmama said...

Sonofabitch. My kid dressed as Wolverine for Halloween (and the entire month of October). I just had a weird glimpse into the future.

Bev said...

Liz - NOW ya' tell me! I love the drinking game idea! I'm certain I was drinking when I watched it, but clearly not enough!!

Smama - I love the super-proud look on Fat Wolverine's face! Cracks me up.

My boys both dress as superheros all the time! Most kids outgrow it, right? RIGHT?!

Mala said...

Walmart Portrait Studio needs to get a new set prop.

My F'ing Wii refuses to go online. GRRRR!

I did my first Friends house-cleaning today and I didn't even know it was NUD! Like you, I feel a bit bad about it. I just hope I don't actually run into any of these people IRL.

I also "declined" about 20 friend requests I've had for over a year.

Rich Girl Red said...

I know you're excited about your new oven! Years ago I had one that was possessed. It would turn itself on and off and arbitrarily decide to go from 350 to Broil for the hell of it. There was much rejoicing the day it made its final journey to the dump.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of unfriending. It seems kinda mean. Karma's got legs so I don't like to mess with her too much.

I watch SO many Netflix movies on my laptop (for my film class) that I keep waiting for them to tell me I've exceeded the limit! It's edubacational.

Enjoy your pants-free day! (Just don't go outside -- it's COLD!)

CaliforniaMG said...

I find that photo hilarious and disturbing. I particularly love the 6-pack he's sporting so proudly, and the muffintop that just won't stay hidden.

Melissa said...

Netflix streaming is the awesome. We keep wondering what we did without it. Watched the whole series of The Office on there in three weeks flat. It rocks.

I'm so stoked about your new oven! :)

Frank Irwin said...

We have the same old dude prop at our Walmart Portrait Studio!

Elliott said...

Hooray for the new oven! I had a briquette-maker in my old apartment. Sucked. Is it wrong that the EZ-Bake picture up there makes me want cake?

And I haven't been on the FB for a while, now I'm worried that I didn't make the cut.


We need more super heroes like that. "Super Average to the rescue."

Bev said...

Mala, I thought the router password problem was solved - your Wii should be cruising down the Information Super Highway by now! Chop, chop!

RGR - WORD. Karma is a bitch! Thankfully none of the people I deleted are people I'd ever had a conversation with! buh bye!

Mae - Me too! Makes me laugh almost as much as the invisible Hustler pic.

Melissa - Thanks! I'll try to do you proud with it. ;)

Frank - You sure that's not a wax figure?

Elliott - mmm, cake. And of course you made the cut! You coined the term, "BOOBH," for cryin' out loud! :)

Israel - LMAO @ Super Average!! His special strength would be opening jars.