Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Funnies!

TGIF!   I'm off again today, bringing the total number of days that I've worked since the start of the year to a whopping eight.  Yes, eight!  First I had that GDMF Plague, then we've had two snow days this week... and before you know it, I'm a bonafide shut-in!  And yes, it's everything I hoped it could be and more.

I hope you all have an easy work day and a restful, fulfilling weekend.  In the meantime, here are a few funny pics I've collected recently.  Most of these come from one of my favorite interweb haunts, 9GAG.  Enjoy!

Once you see it, it can never be unseen!


Now this, I'd see.

When the photog said, "Give me "maniacal," she nailed it!

Finally, if Carrot Top and Sideshow Bob had a love child:

WTF, Rihanna?

So there's that.

Anyhooters, I think it's nap time.  I could reeeeeally get used to being home this often....

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Heidi Renée said...

Never mind the knee penis, I want to know why she wore a skirt to go hiking.

Frank Irwin said...

Now you know why I don't wear skirts.

(Most of the time.)

middle child said...

Um,..I think I wanna meet that girl. I mean, do I?

Bev said...

Heidi R - good point! Maybe they drove up there, which is even lamer.

Frank - HA!!! Yes, good thinking. Keep that thing under wraps, stud.

Middle child - Hey, if you're into that sort of thing, go for it!! :) I don't judge.

Senorita said...

The one with the newscaster had me ROTFLMFAO !!!!

Kari said...

The Dude abides.