Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random is my MIDDLE name

Happy Tuesday!  How are you all today?  I'm groovy.  I'm just pluggin' along at work.  I've decided to do a good old-fashioned random blathering kind of post.  Why?  Why not, that's why.

It's 1-11-11 today.  Not that it means anything (to me, anyway), but it's still kinda cool.  Do we get to make a wish or something?

Is it me, or is EVERYONE in Hollywood pregnant right now?  Every day there's another report of a knocked-up starlet.

Natalie Portman (who apparently got biz with her mute ballerino costar from Black Swan).

Victoria Beckham, who is evidently trying to populate the world with handsome, mouse-voiced hottie soccer stars.  Now that's a project I can get on board with! 

Owen Wilson put a smoosh-nosed baby inside his girlfriend.

Jane Krakowski is pregnant but her 30 Rock character is not, which is a good thing because the idea of a pregnant Jenna scares me a bit.

Marion Cotillard and her French boyfriend have produced a beret-wearing, chain-smoking, wine-guzzling French fetus.  Oui!

One of the Kardashian assholes might be knocked up, but as part of my New Year's resolution I refuse to put up her picture or mention her by name.  I am shunning all things Kardashian and Jersey Shore; every time I find myself watching them I get irritated that they are rich and famous for doing absolutely NOTHING, so I've decided that watching them bad for my mental health.

In other news, I'm oddly pleased that Gwyneth Paltrow is flopping terribly in Country Strong.  I have not heard her sing, nor will I listen to any clips of her singing.  I don't want to know if she's a talented singer.  DO NOT WANT.

Michael Douglas beat his throat cancer!

YAHOO!  I don't care who it is, any time I hear that someone kicked cancer's sorry ass it's a WIN.  I fucking hate cancer, and Mike D. is okay by me.  He'll always be Jack "Trustworthy" Colton to me.

Turns out, 'Mericans don't want to watch Sarah Palin kill things.  Thank GOD.
My faith in the U.S. viewing public has been somewhat restored.

Cake releases their new album, Showroom of Compassion today.  Yay!

Nice auras.

We're expecting a big snow storm tonight, so hopefully tomorrow will find me sitting at home in pajamas with my kiddos while my husband hits the slopes.  I love it when a snow day coincides with my already-scheduled day off!  I find I don't dread storms at all when I don't have to drive anywhere and I've already received clearance to sit on my ass and do nothing.  Sweet, beautiful nothing.  Ahhhhh.

 After work I'm swinging by B&N to pick up this book, which I've heard is a great read even though it's technically Young Adult.  Hey, I'm down with YA!  No shame.  Good writing is good writing.

So that's enough random poo for one day.  Got anything on your minds?  Lay it on me!


Mala said...

Awesome randomness, Bevers.

How does that toothpick Vicky B even get preggers?! I'm surprise her body can even sustain itself, nevermind grow a little spawn.

I hate Gwyneth P., don't know why, I just do. So I'm with you, every time I hear something about that movie, I stick my fingers in my ears and scream until it's over.*

*I'm assuming that's what you're doing as well.

Enjoy your snow day.

Frank Irwin said...

I'm sure that Sarah-poo will blame her cancellation on the "lame-stream" media.

Bev, I love your randomness almost as much as your Kardashian/Jersey Shore NY Resolution!

Bev said...

Mala - I have no idea how Posh can sustain life. I guess those babies of hers enjoy spending their time in utero eating nothing but breath mints and Evian!

Frank - That's a lot, right? I mean, I hope.

Thanks for commenting, peeps! I was starting to wonder if I had B.O.

Bev said...

Also, this just in: singer Jewel is also knocked up. WOOhoo?

Samsmama said...

I read that as Mexicans not wanting to watch Palin anymore and thought, "What'd I miss?"

I can't stand Gwenny, but unfortunately know that she's a good singer, although not from her latest movie.

And now I've got that REM song stuck in my head. But just that one tiny part. Thanks for that.

Heidi Renée said...

Pink is also pregnant. I, too, saw Mexicans.

Kari said...

Screw 1-11-11. I'm holding out for 11-11-11. Now that's going to be a damn party. I, too, am with the Mexican coalition.

Bev said...

Samsmama, I love that you got the REM song from that one line. You know that's everyone's favorite line - the one we all blurt out every time we hear it even if we're alone in the car, as I was when I heard it this morning.

Heidi - Whoops! 'Mericans, Mexicans... tomato, tomato. ;) And yes, Pink! Forgot about her.

Kari - Yeah baby! We are gonna rock 11-11-11! I wonder how many people are going to get married on that date.

Heather said...

I hope you are home with your pjs on this morning and not going to work. I am home with my boobie hanging out, but that's TOTALLY a different story. Also, I think God should sterilize the Kardashians...

Elliott said...

We're having a non-snow day snow day here. Meaning, it's snowing, there's probably another 10 inches of snow in the driveway after I cleared eight this morning, but I still have at least two hours of work time left.

Pregnant women are hot. Or maybe that's just my rampant perviness talking. But I'm pretty sure they're hot.

Unless they're Victoria Beckham.

And speaking of comments, the old CDS is rather Bev-light as of late. Just sayin.

Dave said...

Nice posts, Bev, and good comments, as always. Hope things work out with your weather/days off (forced or planned).

We missed any snow down here in the extreme south, although I've heard it did snow above the Louisiana Mason/Dixon Line (Alexandria).

I saw Mexican, too, for whatever reason, even though I'm far too familiar with the Dubya-esque 'Merrcans label, designating us as the first people to rightfully steal this land from its original inhabitants - they weren't exploiting it, anyway.

Palin's show and others like it remind me of golf and fishing - exactly how exciting can watching someone else hunt BE? And watching HER do it? Maybe she's just on her 14th minute of fame, finally - but don't put too much faith in the public, the Oompa-Loompas are still big.

You're right Elliott, most pregnant women are hot (perviness or not), but there are just some people that are repulsive (other than physically), and the thought of them reproducing doesn't help. And I thought that assholes (Kardashian or otherwise) were the best way to KEEP from getting pregnant?!? Oh well - true or not, I'm still using that line...

Not getting the Leonard Bernstien reference on the bar - what am I missing here? I should probably know who he is. I recognize the name, but nothing's causing a spark in the attic...

Bev said...

Heather - Happy boob-baring! You have a good excuse for that, what with the infant and all. These days I just get funny looks whenever I whip mine out in public. Oh, and lots of phone numbers. Zing!

Elliott - I know, I've been a terribly bloggy buddy! I'm gonna get back on the wagon today, I swear.

Dave - The Leonard Bernstein reference is a line in REM's The End of the World (As We Know It). Just adding to the random!

Elliott said...

And I kept scrolling past Leonard's name before I started looking. Color me confused, thank you.

And here I'd been humming 'Follow me, don't follow me. I got my spine, I've got my orange crush.'

Dave said...

Ah, okay then, that helps.
For some reason, I was thinking of "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" Maybe it has something to do with the jokes about that shithead that shot the congresswoman having a chip implanted in his head, as to why his head is shaved and that scar. Not to make light of the situation or anything, just random connections, which I'm great at.
That taste that tasted good, like sugarcane...