Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook is Magic

Happy Wednesday! I'm snowed in with my two kids today, which means I haven't been able to get a thing done and am already ready to start drinking heavily! It has been a long day, but it's all good. I'd still rather be here with my crazies than with the crazies at the office.

Last night I was cruising Facebook when I read something that irked me. There's this chick who always comments on a mutual friend's page, and I find her beyond annoying--offensive, stupid, crass, just... ick. So I did something I've never done before; I blocked someone I don't even know.

Blocking: what a wonderful tool. Being able to eliminate something bothersome with just a few flicks of my mouse is like owning a magic wand.

Why bother? Because recently I realized something about my online activity. I realized that I visited certain sites out of duty, not because I enjoyed reading them. In fact, some of these sites downright pissed me off! So I deleted those urls from my Favorites list and "unliked" their fan pages on Facebook. I unplugged from them entirely... and didn't miss them a bit. In fact, when I found myself only visiting the sites that I enjoy my entire mood improved substantially.

It's like this: a friend of mine once told me about something nasty an acquaintance had said about me, then she said sympathetically, "I thought you'd want to know." Truth is, I didn't want to know, and I told her so. I'm really happier not knowing if someone doesn't like me. Ignorance really is bliss.

This is essentially the same thing--I can't make people stop saying stupid crap online... but I don't have to read it. :)

Question: Have you ever blocked someone you don't know? Do you make heavy use of the "Hide" feature or just unfriend the annoying twats (we all have them) on your Friends list?


MJenks said...

Are you kidding? I realized shortly after friending some of those ignorant assholes why it is that we haven't spoken since high school.

And that was just my family!

Molly's Mom said...

Hell yes, I have! I've blocked my incredibly annoying neighbor and have hidden a niece (her posts are SO irritating...I can't stand how she mooches off my sister). Now I just need to make myself stop reading comments by boneheads on the newspaper site...

Mala said...

I'd hide, if I could still see everyone else.
That's fair, right?

And who said something nasty about you?! I'll cut a bitch.

MtnMama said...

Maybe I'm just not very popular, or I've always practiced "Pre-emptive Selection", but yes... I ignored my father's Friend Request, and I have already hidden an annoying FB friend or two, when the urge to criticize became the prevailing theme.
Cary told me it's all about connecting. If we don't feel the connection, what's the point?

Bev said...

Jenks - HA! I just edit what some of my family members can see. Don't want them seeing too much of the "real" me. Then again, that's why I have the OOBH page - that's where I let it all hang out.

Molly's Mom - Oh yes, I hide people all the time! I only block in extreme cases, and since this chick is NOT my friend I couldn't even hide her!

I hear ya on the newspaper comments. I know which sites have the hot-button comments and I avoid, avoid, avoid.

Mala- Thanks, but no need! This was years ago, and no one I cared about anyway. :) But thanks.

MtnMama - Good for you! I usually say yes to anyone I ever knew, but I must admit that at times people pop up on my news feed and I say, "Who the hell is that??" Not good.

Great point about connecting.

PorkStar said...

Oh I have done that. Not only on someone who I didn't know (but was also bad mouthing me) but on someone very close whom I have liked very much. Not because she's said stupid crap about me, which she hasn't, but because she's become more than annoying at just being herself. I hear too, other people have blocked her because of this.

Bev said...

Porky, you'd better not be talking about me. ;)

Frank Irwin said...

I've never blocked or hidden anyone. I have deleted Friends, though, but not because of anything they've said. Usually it's because there's just no interaction between us, and I try to keep my number of FB Friends low (for some unknown reason).

Frank Irwin said...

And speaking of visiting certain sites out of duty, I finally took FML out of my RSS feed, because I just found it more depressing than funny, and I don't really need anything depressing, these days.


I'm not that tech savy to figure out the privacy settings but I will say this: Facebook makes me lose my shit. I had a conversation with my sister about this same topic. Namely, the annoying shit people do on FB. We concluded that many times we go to FB to get annoyed. That can't be healthy. At the end of our talk my sister said, "you know I think that I'm going to delete my FB account." That's a bit extreme. I haven't blocked anyone on FB but I did unsubscribe to a blogger that found humor in degrading the weakest people in our society. I found her remarks evil and decided I would no longer follow her. But that's it. On FB I simply use it once in a great while to keep up with a selected few.

Kari said...

I went through my "friends" a couple of months ago and cut those bitches down by half. I couldn't figure out how or why some of those psychos became my FB friends in the first place. Now I have a policy that if I am not comfortable with a person reading the word fuck on my page or seeing pictures of my taking too many tequila shots, they ain't gonna be my friend.

Which is why you are one of my hand picked FB friends, beautiful Bev. :)

PorkStar said...

Bevers, Never!!! You are one of my fave people in the world, I'd never do that to you, i have no reason to. Besides, you are super smart and all. The other person, not so much. No comparison.

Last comment totally made me LMAO.

Samsmama said...

I blocked my ex MIL. She's so far gone that even if I search for her nothing shows up. It's kind of like she's dead to me. Actually, it's exactly like that.

I'm going to keep whatsherface around for the entertainment value. I'll keep you posted if there's something you should be aware of.

Melissa said...

To say I relate to this is understating it. It's why I rid myself a couple of weeks ago of all the excess noise - Twitter, 32 Facebook friends, a dozen blogs from my Reader, 31 Yelp friends - and it has made my life so. much. better.

Good for you Bev! Don't ever put up with anyone or anything that is an obligation or a stress. :D

L G said...

I block all of the game stuff and quiz memes (What life-threatening bacteria would you be?), mainly because I just don't have the time or attention span to read through all of it.

Elliott said...

I barely spend any time on the Facebook, and I think most people have figured that out. I've declined friend requests from former cow-orkers, and blocked certain feeds, but never pre-empted a block of anyone but a few exes.

I haven't blocked my current cow-orkers or employees, but I don't know that anyone should have their direct supervisor as their 'friend' on the FB.

I figure it's far more destructive to someone's ego if I reject a friend request. That way they KNOW I don't like them. Much better than making them think I'm just socially backward and don't have a Facebook page.

I do belong to a group that I never signed up for, I was just added. I don't have time for the 30 or 40 daily posts, I really should find a way to just dump those out of my email so I don't have to keep deleting.

At the same time, I wouldn't have found out about the canned unicorn meat, which led me to the can of tactical bacon. A few cans of that, I'll be ready for the zombie uprising.

I'm rambling, I know. I'm half-listening to a conference call between one of my vendors and a client, since I just have to be on the call so the vendor's chain of approval is safe. It took me a while to realize when the client switched from English to Spanish.

Woo! Longest comment of the week!