Monday, February 21, 2011

La Bev Goes to L.A.

In two short days (not counting today) I will be leavin' on a jet plane with my BFF Mala for a brief vacay in La-La-Land. To say that I cannot wait is an understatement! I've been working very hard lately--generating more and more freelance writing work for myself every day AND still holding down my 30 hour/week office job, plus, you know, recovering from surprise surgery last week. So I really feel that I've earned a few lovely days of 70 degree weather, sunshine, good food, good friends, and booze. Delicious booze.

We've made plans to meet up with my dear friend from college, the lovely Maeghan. Maeghan recently moved to the L.A. area, and the last time we hung with her in NYC we had the best time! Can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to on this trip.

Saturday night we're going to a party at the New Noir's Sunset Starlets Burlesque Club, complete with $25 top shelf open bar, something called cake balls, and famous starlet impersonators who may or may not be drag queens. We're kinda hoping that they are.

The first order of business, however, is a lunch date with the lovely Melissa, of cooking blog fame! We're really looking forward to meeting her. :) Later in the week I'm also meeting up with some of my oldest online friends, my Hestia gals. We are a small private online community of 65 or so members from all over the U.S. and world. I've met a lot of them over the years, and I can't wait to have a fun dinner with the four ladies who live in the L.A. area.

Of course, the main event has to be... *drum roll please*


Yeah, baby. Even though our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail (damn you, USPS!), we managed to book a hotel that's so close to the Kodak Theatre, it's ridiculous.

The lobby of our hotel is basically right next to the rear entrance of the Theatre, so we'll be camping out on Sunday just in case any celebs want to skip the red carpet and go in the back way. Or, have a cigarette break, etc. You never know, and when stalking celebrities it's all about location, location, location!

Since we love you all, we might even do a little video blogging, live from the back door! Maeghan is going to be our special guest correspondent, so watch out! She's fabulous, dahlings.

Join us, won't you? Pull up a lawn chair and we'll pass you a virtual glass of Champagne Sparkling Wine. I've never attempted to live blog before, but hey, I'm okay with trying new things. Obvs.

Okay, enough of my jibba-jabba. I'll do my best to check in later this week before jetting off to the left coast. In the meantime, I have a ton of work to muck through in order to board that plane on Friday evening carrying ZERO STRESS on my shoulders.



Mala said...


Megg said...

I dreamt about our upcoming adventures last night. I can't wait!!!

Cary said...

Fantastic. I love L.A. Have a blast and give Melissa a hug for me!

Melissa said...


Samsmama said...

You get to meet Melissa???? I am so, so jealous. Of all of you. Like, almost a little teary eyed. I'll be waiting for a group picture, and if you could somehow Photoshop me into it that would be super. Have a fabulous time!

By the way, "Live From The Back Door" does not at all sound like a porn.

Bev said...

Mala & Maeghan (my two Mays!) Can't wait either!

Cary - Thanks, and will do. The hug I give Melissa from you will include the obligatory ass-grab, yes?

Melissa - See comment above. You've been warned.

Smama - You will be there in spirit! In fact, send me your number and we'll call ya. :)

Porn, really? Why, I never.... Oh wait, yes I have. Heh heh.

onebadmamajama said...


Elliott said...

Yay, vacation. Even more Yay for Melissa! Burlesque? Even better. And celebrity porn on top of it all? That's gold, baby!!

(I'm really only gleaning the high points from the whole thing. I can hardly contain my excitement over the possible photo ops!)

Bev said...

OBMJ - Wish you could come too! Since you can't, just stay tuned for live updates. We're hell-bent on including everyone in the Oscar par-tay!

Elliott - My middle name is Burlesque, so this is a natural fit. No, really -- my parents were eccentric.

Photo ops? I've got your photo ops RIGHT HERE. Don't you worry. *mwah*


OMG I'm excited for you. I will recommend two food spots:

#1 -
Carousel in East Hollywood is fantastic if you like Middle Eastern food. Two thumbs up.

#2- Palermo's if you like Italian Food. It's a laid back spot.

If you are in L.A You HAVE to go to the original Tommy's in L.A off of Rampart. If you get lost out there feel free to contact me.

Tip Of the day. If you are on the west side and Sunset is crowded go North and Take Santa Monica Blvd. They both go east/west.

How fun. Please keep me posted on your trip.


BTW if you are feeling brave and want to have real Mexican food, I recommend that you eat at El Mercadito in East L.A. It's such an awesome and authentic spot. They have great food and live Marriachis. You wont regret it. Here is the link to that spot:

Daisy said...

Have fun! Hope you have a great time! :)

Frank Irwin said...

More importantly, Israel, how are the margaritas at El Mercadito?

You kids have fun, I'll be tuning in!

To CNN. I figure the odds of seeing you on there are greater. ;-)


Frank, you go there for the beer and the music and the food.

Rich Girl Red said...

You girls absolutely HAVE to go live! (And if you could time it so you broadcast during the really boring parts of the show, that would be even better!) Give Melissa a big squeeze for me (ass grab totally optional).

Frank, you watch CNN, I'll watch "Cops." We should have it covered. :)

Bev said...

Thanks for those tips, Israel! I'll be referring to your list tomorrow!!

Thanks, Daisy!

Frank, I love Margs but Mala hates 'em.

RGR - Consider your hug and squeeze delivered! Thanks, lady!