Friday, February 25, 2011

Leaving today! I think. Hopefully.

Well, today's the day we leave for L.A.! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has her period AGAIN, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed about flying out of Manchester even close to on time so that we can catch our connecting flight in Chicago. This morning my darling husband drove me to work in this:

Thankfully he and the boys made it safely home after dropping me at the office. The house is clean, laundry is done, fridge is stocked, & Jim has plenty of beer... I'M OUTTA HERE!

Of course, as I sit here at work I'm keeping an eye on the airport situation. As of right now, it's looking grim:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best! At the worst, Mala and I will have extra time at the airport to enjoy a few pre-flight cocktails. Oh, and get this... all we want is a little warmth & sunshine, right? Well, apparently SoCal is experiencing a record cold front moving down the coast from Alaska. I can almost hear the cosmos laughing at us now.

Since a few of you mentioned that you'd be scanning the police reports for our names next week (and honestly, I can't rule anything out), I thought it might be fun to take a little trip down Mug Shot Lane. A sort of cautionary tale, yes? Enjoy!

All of these pics are from TMZ.

Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby

Word to your motha (if that word is, "Hey Mom, I need bail money.")



Nicole Richie

Ah, Vicodin and weed on an empty stomach... breakfast of champions, eh Nicole?

Yasmeen Bleeth

Yikes. Meth is a powerful drug.

Nick Nolte

You can practically see the stink lines.

Hugh Grant

You'd look sheepish too if you were caught picking up a tranny!

John Mayer

I had no idea that it was illegal to be a douchebag! I think I have a few people to report....

The guy from Color Me Bad (whose name I'm not bothering to look up)

I wanna lock you up!

Mike Tyson

He may be crazy, but at least he's not crazy!

Lindsay Lohan

Just one of her many mugshots, but my personal favorite. Something about the glassy eyes & crusty upper lip just speaks to me.

Dawn Wells

Oh, Mary Ann.... The "P" in PTA stands for pot.

Haley Joel Osment

I see dead people... because I just hit them with my '96 Saturn station wagon while drunk and high. Oops.

My personal favorite: Rip Torn

Agent S for Sadz.

Okay, enjoy your weekends and stay safe, my peeps! I'll be talking to you on OSCAR SUNDAY, where I may end up wearing my woolen mittens. Sigh.



Elliott said...

If your cosmos are laughing at you, you may have had too much to drink...unless you're somehow NOT talking about foofy girly 'martinis'. Then that's okay, keep drinking.

Have a safe trip!

Melissa said...

Damn, I hope you guys make it out of there soon Bev... and buck up re. Sunday - you should be standing outside in the 50s, which isn't so awful. I mean, it is awful to us stupid acclimated SoCal people, but you guys will probably be fine. :)

Samsmama said...

I love how the CMB dude just looks like, "Eh. What can ya do?" And I think it's actually two words, Mary Ann. Don't ask me how I know that. *cough*

Have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for the flight # info. I feel like I'm there with you.

*walks off and cries*

Bev said...

Elliott - don't be silly, I never give my cocktails time to talk to me! "Pipe down and get in MA' BELLY!" says I.

Melissa - Thanks, Melissa! At this point I'll take 50's. But 70's would be better!

Samsmama - Right! I love the look on his face too. Thanks for the heads up on Mary Ann's name.


Megg said...

I have tons of scarves, which always keep me warm! And I might have some hats and mittens stashed somewhere...

Heidi Renée said...

Hope you make it! If you need somewhere to hide out after your crime spree, I'm three hours north of LA. Just show some cleave at the gate and they'll wave you on through.

PorkStar said...

LMAO great pictures. That of LiLo is so pretty disgusting.

have fun in CA you guys.

Bev said...

Thanks, Maeghan!

Heidi Renee, good to know! Thanks. :)

Porkstar, Thanks, dude!