Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live from the Loading Dock!

Hey there, my beautiful BOOBHs! How the heck are ya?

Okay, so I'm watching the Oscars right now... in a hotel room that's roughly 500 yards from the actual ceremony. And yes, that's as close as I am getting tonight!

Earlier today we enjoyed endured a pat-down by LAPD's finest just to get across the street from where the stars were getting out of their limos. We stood in a crowd foreign tourists for a while but couldn't see shit! People were just extending their cameras over their heads like periscopes, taking pictures and just hoping to catch something. Finally decided we'd rather go watch E! so we could at least see all the pretty dresses. :)

Our hotel is incredibly, ridiculously close to the ceremony! We've been watching them move giant potted plants, food, equipment, etc. into the theater for two days.

We haven't had a lot of luck seeing celebs yet, but each day is a new day here in Hollywood! We're just having a wonderful time. Yesterday we had lunch with the lovely Melissa, then we went shopping. Note to self: don't have two glasses of wine before shopping because suddenly dropping $130 in the Lucky store on two cotton shirts seems like a totally normal thing to do.

Last night we did it UP! We went to that burlesque show at a nightclub and got waaaay silly. I swear we laughed for 6 hours straight! Everyone we talked to-even the cab driver on the way there-was such a character! We took three turns in the photo booth and got some hilariously silly pics, and by the end of the night Maeghan and I were carrying Mala around like the two guys from Weekend at Bernie's. At one point Maeghan went to the bathroom and I found myself controlling Mala's limbs in time to the song "Stayin' Alive." Good times!

The photobomber MAKES this shot!

This morning, however... not such good times. Oy. It took us half the day to feel like doing anything other than groan, but once we got out into the beautiful, cool, sunny California weather, we felt better. Seriously, it's so pretty here, and even though it is cooler than usual, I am loving the weather. We had some yummy Thai for lunch and scoped out the hullabaloo on Hollywood Boulevard, and now here we sit... watching the Oscars on TV and writing to you. My buds.

Speaking of that, you didn't think I'd go to a Hollywood burlesque show and not bring you something back, did you? Sorry it's shaky, but after that many Absolut Mandarin & Sprites, you're lucky it recorded at all.

You're welcome!

Hey, FYI -- I've got a new article coming out on Oddee tomorrow (Monday)! Check it out if you get a chance.

Hope you're all having a FABULOUS, wonderful evening!


Frank Irwin said...

That video's kinda grainy, are you sure it's not Mala in a wig?

Sounds like y'all are having an absolutely fabulous time out there!

Bev said...

I know! Blogger compressed the crap out of it so it doesn't look as good here. Oh well- you get the gist!

We ARE having fun! Thanks, Frankenberry.

ToXic Blonde said...

You go girl! Better you than me as I can live vicariously through you :)

Mala said...

Wait, we went to a Burlesque show? Oh, that would explain these tassels.

Megg said...

It was the best pre-game weekend, for the most boring awards show, I've ever experienced! I say we do it again next year.

Samsmama said...

Oh my gosh, poor Mala. That is so miserable. But the picture is killing me! I was there was some "Stayin' Alive" footage. Next time, ok?

Glad you are having fun! I'd tell you that reading that was way more entertaining than watching the Oscars, but that's not saying a whole lot.