Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Pants Thing

People whom I've just met online & who are new to me and to the OOBH often ask me, "Hey Bev, what's the deal with you hating pants?" It's a valid question, and there's a valid explanation.

It's not that I hate all pants, I just hate the ones I have to wear in public.

Wait, that sounds wrong. See, I find work pants (and even jeans) to be very restrictive garments. In the Summer I wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively, preferring them even over shorts. Pants and shorts are just not that comfortable!

If I could get away with it, I'd be like Hugh Hefner and wear pajamas all day, every day. Ya' gotta hand it to ol' Hef-- if he has company over to the Playboy Mansion, he doesn't do anything more than put on an even spiffier pair of satin PJs under that suave smoking jacket of his. Why bother getting dressed up in regular, binding street clothes while in the comfort of your own home? It's ludicrous, really.

Which is why, as soon as I get home from work, I put on my version of satin pajamas and a smoking jacket: pajama bottoms, yoga pants, flannel loungers... I've got drawers full of these elastic-waistbanded comfy pants.

So, you see... it's not that I hate all pants... just most of them. ;)

I'm not alone, of course. I recently bought this t-shirt made by like-minded pants-haters just like me! Plus, there's a website "dedicated to fighting the staggeringly tragic fight against pants," and there are these famous folks, courtesy of Style Bistro:


Katy Perry

Fergie Ferg

Lady Gaga

Miley Tire-Us

Janice Dickinson

Lily Allen

And of course, Mr. "Don't you hate pants?" himself, Homer Simpson:

See? Looks like I'm in good company! Though, I'm not really at the "walking around in public in my underwear" phase just yet. Gotta save something for my golden years, right?

What about you? Pants: love 'em or hate 'em?


Stacie's Madness said...

hahah well, if the celebs are shedding their pants...and bev is shedding her pants...then we ALL SHOULD GO PANTLESS!

I'm the same way when I get home...comfy pj pants on. immediately.

Frank Irwin said...

I wear shorts as long as I can get away with it. When it gets cold, I'll change out of my jeans into sweat pants when I get home.

One winter day in college, I walked into the department office, wearing jeans, and the secretary blurted out, "Frank! I didn't recognize you, wearing pants!"

Whiskey Girl said...

I'm right there with ya sister - as soon as I get home the pants come off and the comfy pants go on.....

Oh and everytime I see Gaga it reminds me of what the boyfriend calls her "Lady Crotch Rot"

Mala said...

Funny you should mention it. I'm currently wearing the most uncomfy jeans ever! Flannel-lined jeans, 2 sizes too big with the crotch around my knees. Did I mention sexy?
But, sadly, I HATE skirts and dresses. Hence, I don't leave the house much.

Bev said...

Stacie - Exactly! Shun the pants, I say! SHUN THEM!

Frank - That is awesome! :)

Whiskey - You know I love the Ga, but Lady Crotch-Rot still made me lol!

Mala - ooooh, you sexay thang! Watch out, you're going to turn everybody on, talking like that!

Heidi Renée said...

Dear god, Janice Dickinson is looking more and more like Steven Tyler.

rosi said...

Bev, I was taught young and well by my mother to immediately dress down as soon as all daily public obligations are finished. I, too, have drawers of yoga pants, lots and lots of pajamas. I love nothing more than an occasional day without public obligations. What?! No make-up, I can keep my pajamas on?!!

Melissa said...

Frank, Steve is just like you - people have actually made jokes about knowing him for years and years and never seeing him in anything but shorts.

Bev, I never thought about it in terms of hating pants, but I have drawers full of those same kinds of items. And I wear them every night. I always say when I get home "time to put on comfy pantses." So, there ya go.

MJenks said...

Down with Pants!

Up with more of Katy Perry's flesh being exposed!!!