Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Strongest Sense?

Of the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, which is your strongest? They say that everybody has one sense that's dominant. In my case, it's definitely my sense of smell.

My eyes suck -- I've worn some form of corrective lenses ever since I was 15 and failed the eye portion of my driving exam. When I finally got my first pair of glasses, I was shocked at how badly I had been seeing the world previously! Trees were just big green blobs; seeing details like leaves and bark was a new experience.

My other senses are all perfectly fine; my sense of smell is simply noteworthy because I can do crazy things with it. Seriously... it's practically bionic.

When I was in LA recently, my friends and I were standing on a street corner (shut up) talking, when all of the sudden I got a horrible whiff of dog poop. I wrinkled my face up and said, "Ugh!" but no one else smelled a thing. A minute later we noticed a police dog about half a mile away quietly copping a squat on the sidewalk. No lie.

I often smell things that no one else does, but that burning scent is totally normal, right?

Anyhoodle, that's my big claim to fame: I can smell a fish fart from fifty paces. I suppose it could be worse:

What about you? Which one of your senses is super?


MJenks said...

Bats have better vision than I do.

Years of working in the lab with that dull roar in the background has ruined the middle-ranges of my hearing.

I've burnt up my olfactory sensors with overexposure to various chemicals in the lab. This probably has also affected my sense of taste.

And my fingertips are dead thanks to years as a hash-slinger in a greasy spoon, grabbing buns off the grill to toast them.

As I only have two kids, I'd say my best sense is my sense of timing. Hi-oh!

Frank Irwin said...

I'd say smell, as well. Especially certain smells, like cigarettes or feet.

PorkStar said...

Mine are sight and touch (hush). I've always had pretty sharp sight and can read pretty much anything up to a mile away. I can spot Waldo within a minute in a big crowd and it makes me remember faces for years. I eat tons of carrots too, which helps with vision apparently. As far as touch, it's the same thing, I can feel a fly land on my back even with a coat on. It's ridiculous because it makes me very sensitive to anything or anyone behind me and the tips of my fingers are like live flesh, super sensitive as well.

Bev said...

Jenks - HA! Yes, timing IS everything, or so they say. So what you're saying is that you have no sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing, or sight? From now on, I'm calling you Mole Man. Cool?

Frank - Hell yes, I can smell cigarettes from two towns over! I can smell it if someone even THINKS about smoking. My kids are so screwed when they're teenagers!

Porkstar - Very cool! I would love to have excellent vision like that. I hope to get LASIK some day; but your eyes have to stop getting worse every year before you're a candidate. Sadly, I'm not there yet.

Harmony said...

Since God granted me with this adorably huge nose, my super sniffer is in the lead for senses. I have pretty good eyesight, but my nose picks up the tiniest hints of smell much so that when I have to endure someone farting next to me, I can almost taste it. It's positively awful!

rosi said...

It's sense of smell for me too, which is probably why my husband is still a non-smoker today. He could have smoked 2 days prior, used all the cover-ups, and a mere swinging of his fingertips past my face would reveal his lapse in willpower. Much easier to quit smoking than to listen to my yammering about his health and future.

The super sense of smell became a problem during pregnancy, how 'bout for you, Bev?

Bev said...

Harmony - your nose IS adorable, as are you! I LOL'ed at "can almost taste it." I totally get that. Ewwww!

Rosi - Oh yeah, totally had bionic smelling when I was pregnant! It got so bad that I'd practically jump behind potted plants to avoid the old lady in my office who marinates in Chanel No. 5. Yuck! And don't get me started on things like having to clean up cat-sick, etc. while pregnant.

The only good thing that came of that was that my husband started doing the litter boxes and never stopped! That's really as it should be since he is notoriously "hard of smelling."

Mary said...

Definitely smell...but I also want you to know I stole your 'anxiety girl' image and posted it on my daughter's wall.
Once she thought her appendix burst but it turned out her jeans were too tight...yeah.

Mala said...

I was there for the whole dog poo incident, however at catching the first whiff, Bev was certain the offending pooch was a SchitzuDoodle (Shih Tzu X Poodle), approximately 6 years old, on a strict diet of Mighty Dog and Milk Bones and had a name like "Fluffy Foo Foo". We of course learned it was a 4 year old German Shepard named Butch. So her sense of smell isn't that good.

I have no outstanding super powers... so I'll lie and say I have an awesomely accurate memory.

Daisy said...

Non-sense is my strongest. Anything silly and absurd, that is my specialty. :-D

Fun post, Bev!

Melissa said...

I WISH I had your sense of smell. I know there would be negatives... poop... being at the gym (GAG), but for a nutty home cook like me, a better sense of smell (and yes, refined taste/palate) would be, you know, handy.

Mine is hearing, for sure. I have stupid ridiculous hearing. You can imagine how annoying that is sometimes, but I'd like to think it also is part of the reason I am so musically gifted. And I love being crazy tuned in to people's voices, too.

WV: senesi. HA.

Samsmama said...

I got glasses when I was about 22. Went to get my license renewed when I was 25 and failed the eye exam, even with them on. My hearing is pretty good, especially if it involves my kid, but I think all of us moms have that. I'm also very good at tuning things out. I think that comes from doing daycare. And along that line, I can smell a poopy diaper an hour before it happens. Oh, and I can smell cigarettes now big time. I apologize for smelling like crap for the last 21 years.

And, listen, I've seen it in person, and Harmony's nose is super cute.

Samsmama said...

Shit you not, my WV was "davesho." That's be me!

Bev said...

Mary - Love me some Natalie Dee!

Mala - hahaha! Yes, and that dog's vet needs to check him for worms. Just sayin'.

Thanks, Daisy!

Melissa - Wow, that's very cool! I think my hearing is pretty decent, too -- especially compared to my half-deaf husband.

Smama - Oh yes, something about working with kids makes you able to tune things out, for sure! Things that drive me nuts (inane chit-chat, repetative sounnds, etc) go unnoticed by my teacher-husband. It's ridiculous!

Dave's ho, yo!

Anonymous said...

oohhhh wow some one else with bad vision and an awesome sense of smell no lie i would have smlt that dog crap too!