Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gigolos, Taxes, Wax, & Donkeys

Yes, folks, this post is about all of those things.  Buckle up.

What's shaking in Blogland, my lovelies?  I'm having a nice, quiet day at home today.  I should be working on a few on-going projects, instead I'm cruising the internet and finding little gems like this one:

Clearly, it's shaping up to be a productive 4/20!

Speaking of 4/20, this date is significant to me not because it's all about the good chit, but mostly because today is the day that I became a mother for the first time eight years ago.  That's right, I had a baby on 4/20, which is further proof that the Universe has a fantastic sense of humor.

Anyway, here we go.

Just a Gigolo

Last week I was falling asleep on the couch to United States of Tara when the sounds of televised sexy times awakened me....

WHOA!  I'm awake!

It's called Gigolos,  it's about five straight metrosexual male escorts in Las Vegas, and it's juicy.  Not only do they show the guys hanging out, working out, drinking, and generally one-upping each other, but they also show them on their "dates," and holy cow!  The sex is brief but graphic, and... well, yeah -- I am wiggling my eyebrows suggestively at you right now.

What surprised me most is the types of women who seek out the company of these male prostitutes.  (Oh, sorry - escorts.)

Most of them are extremely normal and not awful looking, which shocked me because since when do average women have such a hard time getting laid that they need to pay for it?  Especially in Vegas?  Please.  But I guess these ladies (and couples) are looking for something specific, with no strings attached...?  IDK.  The guys themselves are interesting characters too -- each have very different styles and personalities.  There's the bleach-blond, tanorexic douchebag, the tattooed, rather dense bad boy, the schmaltzy sensitive dad who works to support his kid, and the educated, seemingly-"normal" guy.  Something for everyone!

So, there you have it -- THIS exists.

Tax Season

Hallelujah, it's over!  My office was maddening all month.

Wax on, wax off

My most recent Oddee article contains photos with a few familiar faces!  I was actually able to use some of my very own pics of us molesting wax figures, so take a peek if you get a chance.

Fun stuff.  :)

I *heart* Toby Turner


Okay, that'll do for now.  Have a groovy day!


MJenks said...

*narrows eyes at the first gif*

Okay...I see I need to find your closed-circuit camera filming in my backyard...

Stacie's Madness said...

and um, what channel is this Gigolos on??? just for research purposes, of course....

Bev said...

Jenks - Please don't take away my camera! Pleeeeeease?

Stacie - Showtime, baby! Happy studying. ;)

Frank Irwin said...

Is Escorts supposed to be reality TV?

Mala said...

Wow, that was very *stew-y*. Mmmmmmmm...

I'll check out that show. And, for a moment I got excited that they showed them "hanging out", until I realized you meant, you know, just hanging out. What? Only men can be pervy?

And Bev, we need a web show.

Bev said...

Frank, yes, it is. And this is basically the only reality show I watch these days, with the exception of Top Chef and the occasional 10 minutes of a Bravo Real Housewives of _whatever_.

Mala, oh no, I really meant "hang out." Really. There's full-frontal GALORE!

Only men can be pervy! pshaw! Check out my veritable OOBH empire of 148 souls who say differently. Heh heh.

Elliott said...

Love the wax figures, glad to know you're in such good company as Titanic guy.

I would totally do that.


And I don't work well with others. Tried the 'leave me alone' thing, didn't help. Ah, well. At least there's always go-rillas flinging poo.