Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Wednesday, Wednesday, ya gotta get down on Wednesday

Whussup, amigos? Long time, no speak. I've been a busy little beaver lately, but I want you to know that just because I can't update the OOBH as often as I used to, I still love you from the bottom of my boogety-boogety shoe. No, seriously. I love you like I love tacos.

(In case you didn't know, that's a lot -- I eat the hell out of some tacos any chance I get!)

Okay... so I've already mentioned beavers and tacos in the first two seconds of this post. I'd say we're off to a rip-roaring start! Tra-LA!

Things are okay with me, thanks for askin'. I've been in a bit of a funk for the past week or so, but nothing that some sunshine and warm weather wouldn't fix. This winter is kicking my ass! Here it is, April 6th, and I still see nothing but snow and brown, muddy earth in my yard. It has also been colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra, and I'm just so sick of being cold. I've been battling a cold and generally just feeling uninspired and as far from energetic as humanly possible. Yep... definitely slumpy.

The good news is that I've been collecting funnies as usual, and I will now dispense them in the hopes that they jar some funny loose and make us all smile. It's worth a shot, right? Here goes:

I want this hat:
(Looks like it would go well with tacos!)

As always, thanks for reading the OOBH. Hopefully I will be back to my usual bevtastic ways pronto. In the meantime, I'm going to go hunt down some tacos for lunch... because YES, I am the highly-impressionable type. :)



Elliott said...

Oh, tacos! That could be a good thing. (I, too, am highly impressionable.)

Sorry to hear about the funk, those are never good. I tried changing deodorant, but that didn't help me. I did love the C&H toon, and I still haven't been discouraged from wanting to own a lightsaber. So there's that.

Happy hump-day, Bev.

MLG said...

I can't believe you came to LA and we didn't eat tacos together! You'll just have to come back.
Sorry about that funk, girl, I totally feel you. March into April hasn't been a very good transition for me either. Chin up, summer is on its way!

PorkStar said...

beavers and tacos <-- LMFAO. You're awesome as always Bevs, I hope the funk fades away soon. Rub some dirt on it.

Courtney and I were actually talking about tacos earlier. Then she proceeded to send me a very interesting set of pictures of "those" tacos and... i think that's what I should be having for lunch.

Feel better.

Bev said...

Elliott -- What is the world coming to when changing the way your pits smell doesn't improve morale? Crazy talk!

The idea of a real light saber has always scared the poop out of me, which is why I laughed HARD when I saw this chart!

Mae - You too? Maybe it's some kind of weird Cancer the Crab thing. I think a trip back to LA is definitely in order... for the tacos alone! Next time I come, please order some WARM weather for me, won't you?

Porky - Oh my! So you're saying Courtney sent you pics of her taco? Interesting....

You made me laugh with "rub some dirt on it!" Thank you.

PorkStar said...

lol not her taco haha... although we've been sharing snacks that's for sure.


I love tacos too! I have to. I'm Mexican. It's the law.

Mala said...

The unicorn note made me laugh unreasonably hard.

How did we make it around LA without a decent taco? Next time we're hunting down a taco truck. AND stopping at Sprinkles DAMNIT!!!!

Sunshine is coming.... sunshine is coming....

Bev said...

Porky... hmmm, the plot thickens!

Israel - I am pretty sure I was Mexican in a past life. I can't get enough of your food!

Mala - GOOD! Glad I could make you chuckle. I can't believe we didn't have tacos in LA... then again, what with those hangovers, it's a wonder we ate at all, some days. Eesh.