Monday, May 30, 2011

50 State Stereotypes in 2 Minutes

Happy Memorial Day! I thought this cute little video would be a nice tribute to my U.S. friends. How'd he do for your state?


Heidi Renée said...

Someone taught him well, he used his hands for Michigan. The UP is the place to go if you're a serial killer looking for a hideout.

CajunMan said...

Bravo! Funny stuff. Not sure where he filmed the Louisiana clip, because there were huge rocks on the nice beach, and down here we don't have rocks OR nice beaches. He got the sentiment right, though.

MLG said...

I didn't realize there were palm trees in Oregon.

Bev said...

Heidi - Is that true? I thought the "talking with the hands" thing was more of an Italian thing.

CajunMan - Thank you, my good man! I thought of you when he got to Louisiana, naturally. ;)

MLG - Fuck if I know! Never been there, myself. They could have velociraptors and trees made of cotton candy for all I know.