Monday, August 29, 2011

New Blog Post with extra KETCHUP!

Hey guys!  Remember me?  I'm alive!

It's... ALIVE!

Time for a booster!

Yup, I'm still alive and kickin', and... if I do say so myself (and I DO), I'm better than ever!  Taking the summer off from Blog Land was just what the doctor ordered.  I feel recharged, and all summer I've been making little notes on my iPhone as I think of post ideas, so I'll have a few good 'uns coming as soon as I find the time to write them.
Blogging was a hard habit to break at first, but once I got used to living life a little more under the radar, the more I liked it.

In other words, at first I was all:  

And then I was like:
Ooooh, so this is what "free time" feels like!

But now I'm back, bitchessssssss!  So let's ketchup.

First of all, we survived Irene, who turned out to be a bit of a dud here in NH.  All talk, no action -- typical, amiright fellas?

In other news, I've made lots of great progress on the freelance writing front, though I have also decided to hold on to my office job for a while longer -- by choice! What can I say?  It pays the bills, and us Cancer the Crabs like the security of knowing where our next burrito is coming from.  I'll just be one of those people who punch the clock Monday through Friday but plug away at their creative pursuits in the hopes of someday being able to quit that bitch respectfully resign... someday.  Besides, with the economy being like it is (read: piss-poor and not getting any better any time soon), I'm just happy for a steady paycheck and many years between me and retirement.  So, there's that.  I've made peace with Workaday Bev again, and it's all good in the hood.

Also... I've got another book to write!  At the end of last year I started working for Oddee... and I started talking to the owner right off the bat about taking one of their many popular blog posts and turning it into a book.  We swung and missed the first time around, and the boss kind of lost interest... but La Bev persevered.  Oh yes.  You see, even though I'm sorta like, "Meh, I'll just keep this sucky job because I'm awfully fond of eating" in some ways, in other ways, I can be quite determined once I set my mind on something. 

I decided I wanted to write another book, so I pushed on.  I got a literary agent and pitched a few more ideas... and whaddya know?  About 7 months after I started trying, I hit a home run!  My agent had a little bidding war between three interested publishers, and I pretty much spent a week in a state of euphoria that can only be described as a pig orgasm, only lasting 7 days instead of 30 minutes:

Via The Oatmeal
Yeah, that was totally me!  It was intense... and I can't wait to do it again with another topic, even though I technically haven't even started working on this book yet.  Is that bad?

U mad?
Anyhooters, the new book is about Photobombs, and I'll be collecting them from every corner of the WWW and beyond, so if you have any great pics, please let me know!  I'd love to see some beautiful BOOBH faces in my next book.

Other than that, I've eliminated some really negative influences from my daily life and started taking my vitamins and eating my Wheaties, so I'm feeling really good.  Kind of like the Old Bev, which is to say, the Young Bev!  I've been reading up on and researching some of my favorite subjects in hopes of continuing work on the novel I started last winter, and that work makes me feel really fulfilled.  I've also been spending lots of time with my family, which has been awesome!  I have oodles of pics to share, but I'll save those for another post because I've been going on and on and yet I still feel like I have SO MUCH to say to you guys!

Plus I have to put on some pants and take my kid to football practice.

I'll write more soon, I promise!  I hope you've all been doing well!


Elliott said...

PANTS????? Overrated.

La Bev? Never overrated.

Frank Irwin said...


Irene may have been a dud, but it sure looks like she got the weatherman a little bit excited.

Glad to hear that things are going so well for you, and extra thanks for letting me know why my last girlfriend kept calling me a pig!

Mala said...

OK... apparently Blogger is being a little resentful bitch and will no longer allow me to sign in. Eesh, you don't call for 6 months and suddenly they dump your account. Jerks.

Anywho, I'm so happy for you! Onwards and upwards!

Frank Irwin said...

I think I dated Blogger, for a while, Mala.

Customized Walls said...

YAY! So glad you are back at it. I missed the read and laughs!

Kari said...

Oh, how I have missed my sweet blogging Bevinator.

MLG said...

Thank goodness your back!

Bev said...

You guys know how to make a girl feel welcome! Thank you! <3

Elliott -- AGREED!

Frank -- Ha!! Until I read the Oatmeal book, I never once thought about being reincarnated as a pig. Now... I can't NOT think about it.

Mala -- Blogger can suck my left one. But not too hard, because what am I? Nursing an infant? Who thinks THAT feels good? (ahem)

Laurie -- Thanks, girly!! Missed you too. AND I added you to my blog roll. :D

Kari -- Thanks, my dear! I've missed hearing from my favorite Georgia peaches, too!


Harmony said...

Hooray!! So glad to have you back, Bev. I cannot tell you how behind the times I have gotten in your absence. I can't wait to hear about your summer abroad (the blog, that is). Now start cranking out those posts!

dogimo said...

Thank you for coming back, Bev!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I can't comment as anything other than Anony these days.

So, here's my comment:

So many don't come back. I am glad that you did.

Bev said...

Thanks so much, Anon. :) I'm glad, too. In fact, I meant to write something to post today, but then I got busy and then I got a little drunk. Oops.

PS) I wish I knew who you were! Hint?

Frank Irwin said...

Bev, the only time you write better than when you're a little drunk is when you're a lot drunk.

Bev said...

Heh, Frank... thank you? :-p

And I just realized I failed to acknowledge Harmony and Dogimo. Bad form! Sorry, guys. I appreciate your comments and your kind words.

Since I'm a little drunk, I'll add a slurry, "I love you, maaaaaan!"

And later, when I'm a LOT drunk, I'll probably be a good enough writer to drop some sonnets and shit, eh Franky?

Frank Irwin said...

Yes, Bev. And thank you for the thanks!

Bev said...

You're welcome, Frank. Let the record show... I'm thankful to you. ;)