Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Good Reasons To Be A Swedophile

Yes, folks, it's official, I love Sweden.  For the first 30-something years of my life, I can't say that I ever spent much time thinking about Sweden, or Swedes in general.  But these past couple of years I've noticed that a lot of the stuff I like happens to hail from that beautiful Nordic kingdom in northern Europe.  How did this happen?  How did I become a Swedophile?  Well, the short answer is this:

#1. Alexander Skarsgard
Oh, Alexander Skarsgard... you may not look much like the Eric Northman that I envisioned while reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries, but you have become the main reason that I eagerly look forward to True Blood every Sunday evening!  So tall.  So blond.  So... scary.  Sexy-scary.  Mama like.

There were other Swedish things though, subtle things, that crept into my subconscious and implanted themselves there before I could help myself.  Maybe it's the fact that they're just so foreign; my ancestors hailed from various parts of Europe, but there's nary a Viking in my bloodline.  I'm not sure what it is, but I don't really care.  So here's my list of Swedish stuff that I totally dig.

#2. The Meatballs

Because they're just farking delicious, that's why.
 #3. IKEA
Cheap stuff that looks decent?  I'm in. 
#4. Abba
Yeah, I said it.

 #5. Stieg Larsson
Dude could write.

#6. Swedish Massage
Hurts so good.

#7. Robyn
The most underrated pop/electronica album (and artist) in a decade.
 #8. Rose Nylund
Thank you for being a friend!
 #9. The Swedish Bikini Team
Why the fuck not?
 #10. The Swedish Chef
Bor-de-bor-de-borg, BORK BORK BORK!
Oh, and bonus list item... let's not forget the love of our Chatroulette paramour, SVEN!

Oh, Sven... how we miss you!
So there you have it.  Sweden?  I heart you.  Don't ever change.



Frank Irwin said...

Thanks for not forgetting the Swedish Bikini Team!

I've been a Swedophile since I was a kid, but I haven't been there, yet. Denmark's as close as I've gotten.

MLG said...

Oh yeah!
I think I may have been Swedish in a past life, because I'm kind of obsessed with the country. I have dreams of someday renting a summer home on some remote Swedish lake, on some Swedish island, and skinny dipping every day. And getting a Swedish massage every day. And eating Swedish lingonberries until I start sprouting a Swedish lingonberry shrub out of my butt. Don't all Swedish people have lingonberry shrubs growing out their butts? I think they do.

Kate said...

My aunt is from Sweden. She is, umm, an interesting character. And that is all I will say about that.

Bev said...

Frank, you're welcome! :) I would love to visit there too. Yesterday spent way too much time looking at pictures after googling "beautiful Sweden."

MLG - your comment made me laugh so hard that a shrub sprouted out of my butt. No, really! Also, I had to google what a lingonberry is, so I feel really, really uncultured right now. I've never eaten one!

Also, you've got rather Swedish coloring in THIS life, blondie, so you being Swedish in a past life doesn't seem too far-fetched. :)

Kate, Hmmmm, intriguing!

MLG said...

Bev-you can find all sorts of lingonberry items at Ikea! And since Ikea is on your list of good Swedish things, I think you need to visit one stat.