Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fun... now with 100% more Gifs!

Hey there, how's it going?  Happy Friday!

It has been a rather long, shiteous 4-day week, but I have at least five good reasons to be happy today, and just for the hell of it, I feel like listing them with gifs.

1. It's Friday, yo!

2. My boss is out of the office & I'm all caught up with my "real" work, so I can finally catch up on my blogging.

3. Fun plans for le weekend at Seafood Fest with Malomatic.

4. I'm having my favorite lunch, the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera Bread.

5. The past has passed, the present is pleasant, and the future is fantastic!

So yeah, you could say I'm in a very good place right now, and I like it here.  I think I'll stay a while.

Recently, I downloaded a few silly little apps on my phone, and one of them has provided endless giggles, mostly because it sucks so much.  It's the MyCeleb app, and basically you take a picture and it matches you up with celebrities who supposedly look like you.  Except, it's totally inept, and sometimes it's extremely insulting!  Yet... still fun.  Here are some of the most hilarious matches I've collected so far:


My husband has is Woody.

Sorry, Laurie... I don't see it!
And now for my favorites!  Are ya ready?

Mala = The Fly

Bev with zero frills or make up = Colin.  Fucking. Powell.
The app is kind of hilarious, as long as you put your ego aside and agree that it's not exactly accurate!  You can try it yourself with the online version here.

Speaking of looking like celebrities, have you guys seen this:
This is Lindsay Lohan's sister, Ali Lohan, who is 17 going on 70.  Now that Mama Lohan got her a modeling contract, she has fallen below 100 lbs and has had some work done.  Wow.  I just... I can't.

Those Lohans are not aging well, huh?  I'm not saying drugs, alcohol and eating disorders are solely to blame... oh no.  I also blame the sun....  Here's how I picture Lindsay in 10 years:
Artist's rendering

AAAAAAAND, I'm done.

Off to write an Oddee post about psychic predictions.  Have a fantabulous day, weekend, and whatnot!  (Especially the whatnot... you know how I love a good whatnot!)



Customized Walls said...

OMG! Ali words....

Samsmama said...

OMG! Colin. Fucking Powell. I am positively dying over here. This entire post is so far beyond delightful. I've missed you! Little known fact: I secretly love you.

Harmony said...

Hooray for Friday! That app is crazy, so much so that I just might download it onto my phone. *insert evil laugh*

I have to ask, because I just really need to be sure and I don't want it to sound like I'm stupid, but that cannot be the same person (Ali Lohan pictures) it? Eesh..that is sad. I'm going to give every single one of my wrinkles a kiss and tell them it's okay, now.

Bev said...

Laurie, I know... it's sad!

Smama - Thank you! I love you too, but it's no secret. ;)

Harmony -- Haha! Harmony, I highly suggest it. I also like the As Time Goes By Aging Booth. Endless fun!

And yes, that is indeed the same photo, and they were taken 1-2 years apart. It's like deja vu; remember how young and fresh Lindsay was when she first became famous? Sadz.

Senorita said...

Ima let u finish, but that Ace Ventura gif is the best of all time !

Frank Irwin said...

Hey, Richie, I mean, Bev, that link to the on-line MyCeleb thing didn't work for me. Try this one. Be careful, though, as that's the one that said I looked like Barbara Bush. Maybe it has the Aging Booth app wrapped into it.

Anonymous said...

are you insinuating that I'm Patsy?????? Meh, I'm ok with that.


Bev said...

Senorita - HAHA! Ok, Kanye.

Frank - Barbara Bush?!?! Pics or it didn't happen!

Mala - Yes, that's exactly what I'm insinuating. At least you're the model... I'm frumpy old Eddy! But I couldn't be happier about it. ;)

PS) I think I just figured out our Halloween costumes for this year!

Frank Irwin said...

It happened.